How To Fix a Dented Ping Pong Ball

There is little more frustrating than being down to your last ping pong ball and having it flatten or dent from a hard hit against the wall or floor. Never fear, there are some simple steps you can take to fix that dented ping pong ball and get back in the game.

  1. Choose your repair method. There are several methods for fixing a dented ping pong ball and most take less than five minutes. Take a look around. If you are in a house with a clothes dryer, hair dryer or stove, then skip to step three. If you are outside or camping, head to step two for your quick fix.
  2. Use the outdoor heat method. Hold the ping pong ball with the tips of your fingers. Use a lighter to create a small flame. Slowly wave the ball over the lighter until the plastic of the dent expands back into place. Be careful not to hold the ball directly in the flame or in one place for too long. Once the dent expands, let the ball cool for a few minutes before resuming play.
  3. Select an indoor method. There are three basic indoor methods for fixing a dent in a ping pong ball. All three use heat to warm the plastic of the ball gradually until it pops back into place. The details of each follow:
    • The clothes dryer method – Toss the ping pong ball into the dryer with a dry washcloth for about a minute. Make sure the setting is turned to high heat. After a minute, the ball should be back to normal so take it out and set it on the washcloth.
    • The hair dryer method – Turn a hair dryer on to high heat. Hold the ball with the dent side exposed to the hot air from the dryer. Lightly wave the dryer over the ball and watch the dent disappear as the ball is heated.
    • The hot water method – Bring a pot of water to a boil. Put the ball onto the top of the water. Don’t try to sink the ball; it is supposed to float. Allow the ball to float along the surface as it heats and the dent is removed. Then remove the ball from the water.
  4. Let the ball cool. Regardless of the method you chose, be sure to let the ball cool fully before you start playing again. If you hit the ball while it is still warm, you will end up with another dent or two.
  5. Enjoy the game. Get back into the game as soon as the ball is repaired and cool. Then enjoy.

You can easily fix a ping pong ball that is dented. The materials you need will depend upon the method you choose but all can be found in most households.


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