How To Fix a Slow Skateboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport and hardcore skateboarders need speed so they can execute their daredevil tricks. Having a slow skateboard can separate an amateur from a professional. Skateboarders who run their skateboards fast look good as well. We all know that skateboarding is a risky sport especially in executing high-end tricks but the sport is created to enhance adrenalin rush and having a fast skateboard is what you need to learn and improve your tricks. Below are steps and instructions on how to fix a slow skateboard.

Gather the materials that you need to fix your slow skateboard. You need rags, motor oil, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, canisters, and paint thinner (nail polish remover, acetone and rubbing alcohol are optional).

Fix your slow skateboard. Remember that new skateboard wheels will not help you if they won’t spin properly. You need to clean your skateboard bearings to make your skateboard wheels run normally. The wheel bearings can be found on the center of each skateboard wheel. Remove your skateboard wheels with an adjustable wrench so you can lubricate and clean your bearings.  Use a screwdriver to remove the bearings.

Soak your skateboard bearings for an hour in a paint thinner, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or acetone. After soaking your skateboard bearings, spin them to remove the lubricant within. Let the bearings dry thoroughly and then use a rag to remove the dirt and dust. Remember that the smell of paint thinner is toxic so ensure that there is enough ventilation in your working area.

Use a silicone based lubricant and don’t use WD-40 or related lubricants because they will dry your bearings that will easily attract dirt and dust. If you desire, visit your local skate shop and buy a skateboard bearing lubricant like Bones Speed Cream.

Put your skateboard bearings in a canister with motor oil and let them soak overnight. Wipe the bearings dry. Put the bearings in your skateboard wheels and reinstall your wheels on your skateboard. Ensure that every wheel is spinning freely and the nuts in your skateboard are not much tight. Run your skateboard in your backyard but don’t Ollie or try other tricks for you might slide. Ensure that your wheels are in good condition before you try high-end tricks.

Other tips to make your skateboard wheels run faster. Remove your skateboard bearings and put your skateboard wheels in a freezer for one or two days. This will make your skateboard wheels move faster and be more durable.

If you aren’t satisfied with the size of your skateboard wheels, try to ask other skateboard players if they want to buy or trade your pre-owned skateboard wheels. You can trade your pre-owned skateboard wheels to a skateboard deck, skateboard truck, grip tape or other skateboard accessories.

You can learn skateboard better and faster if you have company. Wear helmet, pads, and braces so you’ll avoid injury in accidental slides and falls. Don’t build your speed abruptly for you might slide or fall. You will naturally build speed and execute hard tricks as you progress.


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