How To Fix an Over the Top Golf Swing

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Are you hitting hooks, slices, shanks or not even making contact with the golf ball? These are possible symptoms of an over the top golf swing.

Here are some causes of an over the top golf swing:

  • Incorrect alignment (Shoulders, hips, feet, etc.)  Correct alignment allows your body to swing the golf club on plane and freely toward the target and essentially eliminates the possibility of swinging over the top.
  • Incorrect swing path during the backswing causes you to compensate on the downswing. You can't hit great shots if your backswing is incorrect. The toe of the club should be parallel to your target line at the top of your backswing.
  • Overswinging is one of the more common problems with amateurs who swing over the top. Attempting to swing the club just short of parallel is a way to fix swinging over the top. Even though one feels he is swinging at 75% of his backswing, often, he will find himself perfectly at parallel.
  • Swinging the golf club too quickly to generate clubhead speed. Attempting to swing the club faster leads to crooked shots created by swinging over the top. The first instinct when trying to swing the golf club faster is to swing the club out toward the sky and sweep the club to the inside toward the golf ball.

Here is how you cure swinging over the top:

  1. A lot of problems are solved even before you address the ball. In your mind, choose the type of shot you want to hit before you even pick the club out of the bag.
  2. Determine whether you want to hit it low, high, fade it, draw it, etc. Pick an intermediate target a few yards ahead of the ball and align yourself squarely to it.  Commit to the shot you want to hit.
  3. Trust that you have picked the right club, the correct shot needed to be played, and your ability to swing the golf club.
  4. As you begin your backswing, take the club straight back until your wrists naturally hinge, therefore rotating the toe in the upward position. Stop just short of parallel.
  5. Accelerate to a full finish.

Hit a full bucket of balls on the range following the steps above. Concentrate on feeling how the club travels through the golf ball. Remember to accelerate through each golf shot. Hold your finish until the ball lands. What you will find is that the over the top tendency will disappear. Your shots will fly straighter with more authority. No more hooks, slices, shanks, or whiffs. Having an over the top golf swing will be a thing of the past, and you will be on your way to playing good golf.


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