How To Follow the Cavaliers' Schedule

The Cleveland Cavaliers used to be a very mediocre team back in the 80s and the 90s. The team was repeatedly frustrated by the great Michael Jordan in the playoffs and never really recovered from the franchise humiliation in the hard court. Well, everything changed when the Cavaliers drafted the then high school phenom LeBron James from a secondary school in downtown Akron, Ohio. The hometown boy was one of the most anticipated draft prospects of the last two decades and he did not disappoint.

The franchise changed its logo and even changed owners with Dan Gilbert now at the helm. While the Cavalier fans weren't exactly going up and down like the Duke Blue Devils fans, it sure reinvigorated the support base. With a team with LeBron James, a Lithuanian big man in Zydrunas Ilgauskas and a Brazilian player in Anderson Varejao, the Cavaliers have reached new heights.

Despite missing the playoffs in the first season with James in the roster, the Cavs' tickets has become some of the most sought after in the league. The team has been able to reach the playoffs every year since missing it and to top it all off, LeBron has already lead his team to the NBA Finals and has even won the Most Valuable Player trophy for himself!

With Shaquille O'Neal set to enter into the fray, more and more people are now going to really follow the Cavaliers schedule. A lot of people felt that it was a let down to see them lose against the Orlando Magic in last year's Eastern Conference finals so all eyes will definitely on them.

Here's how you can follow the Cavaliers' schedule.

  1. Go to the Cleveland Cavaliers Web page on There's a link to the schedule. Click it and it gives you the view of the 82 games of the Cavaliers for the season.
  2. You can download the schedule in PDF format or browse it online. Each date will have the time at which the game is going to be played as well as the venue. Only half of the games are played at the Cavaliers' home court in Cleveland. The rest of the games are played on the road - or in other words, the home courts of the twenty-nine other teams in the National Basketball Association.
  3. The TV coverage rights are also indicated in the game calendar. This gives the fans a chance to catch their games on TV. This can be very useful especially if the team is on the road against the vaunted teams such as the Spurs, Lakers and Rockets.
  4. You may also buy tickets through the links on the schedule. Season ticket holders will actually build the rest of their year around the Cavaliers home game, so online schedules are a very convenient way to plan out your activities, if you're a hardcore fan.
  5. Playoff schedules are even harder to predict. The number of games that a team plays in the post season is highly dependent on how they play in the playoffs since it's an elimination style format. The number of games that they play at home is also dependent on whether or not they have home court advantage.

It's a wild dash to the NBA championship, but the Cavaliers are definitely one of the teams to watch this season. It takes 82 games and 15 wins in the playoffs to be crowned the NBA's Kings. Is it LeBron's year? Fans should definitely watch out.


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