How To Follow the World Baseball Classic

For baseball fans, the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is the perfect competitive event. With teams from all over the world and players who represent their countries with pride, the best of the best are pitted against each other every four years all in the name of the game. Here's a list of several different ways you can catch all the WBC action.

Step 1

Check out the official website. The easiest way to follow the World Baseball Classic is to go online to their official website ( There, you'll find information on WBC teams, including news, rosters, and stats. The results of the past season are listed, and if the World Baseball Classic is happening in the current year, then ongoing coverage can be found on this website as well. You can view videos of the game, and watch baseball commentators. You can even buy tickets or team garb by following the links on the toolbar at the top of the page. Plus, there's an auction link at the top of the page where uniforms, baseballs and just about any other baseball paraphernalia will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  

If you want to hear the play-by-play of the World Baseball Classic, you can click on the link to the "MLB Network on air" web broadcast. Once there, you'll be able to able to choose which game you want to listen to.  Surf to the "On-Air Spotlight" box and click on the baseball game or show of your choice. (Keep in mind that this section usually features only major league baseball games unless the World Baseball Classic is on).

Step 2

Go to ESPN's website. The World Baseball Classic is also covered by ESPN. Go online to for information about the most recent World Baseball Classic winners. You'll find news articles about both current and past seasons, as well as links to blogs and chat groups led by devoted baseball fans. You can also follow the World Baseball Classic by browsing the headlines in the middle of the page. Click on the links to read the entire piece. A few of the best World Baseball Classic videos are posted on ESPN's page as well, allowing you to catch recaps of any WBC game that you missed.

Step 3

Watch it on television. A more traditional way to follow the World Baseball Classic is to watch it on television in the comfort of your own home. Flip to your favorite sports channel and listen to what the commentator's have to say about the international baseball competition. ESPN, ESPN2 or MLB will definitely show the WBC games, although you may have to pay additional subscription fees. Plan to watch the baseball games, keeping in mind that they may not be live broadcasts because of time differences from where you are and where the game is being played. The schedule for the World Baseball Classic games will be posted in the sports section of your local newspaper several days before they are set to take place. But you can also check out any of the above sports television websites for the most accurate and up-to-date World Baseball Classic schedule.


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