How To Follow UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or the UFC, is a mixed-martial arts (MMA) organization, which originated in the United States of America.  It is a contact sport where two fighters compete in the ring in order to showcase their martial arts skills.  UFC has grown quite a huge fan base over the years, and has since been tagged in many controversies, particularly that of Senator John McCain calling it a form of “human cockfighting.”  Still, many spectators choose to watch the show due mainly to its originality and realistic nature.

  1. Go to the UFC website.  The official website of the UFC ( is a treasure trove of information regarding the organization.  Here you will find schedules, news, fighter profiles and other information you may want to know about UFC.  The official website also has a dedicated section entitled “Learn UFC” for beginner fans who want to get acquainted with the sport.
  2. Check the schedules and watch the show.  The UFC website contains the schedules of the televised airings.  Be sure to check that section out so that you won’t miss even a single episode.  The section outlines all the match-ups, the time they will air and the network they will be aired on, so that you’d be sure to catch it.
  3. Read up, offline and online.  There are several magazines dedicated to the sport that are available in newsstands, so be sure to grab a copy when you can.  Online, there are blogs of fans who regularly update about recent developments in UFC.  And if you want real-time information delivered to you, be sure to follow UFC’s twitter at
  4. Attend fan conventions.  The UFC Fan Expo is one of these conventions that gather the fans together in order to update them with the latest developments regarding the sport, provide training, meet up with the players and basically clue in on the latest happenings in the MMA world.  To check when and where the next Fan Expo will be held, head on over to
  5. Watch the matches live.  If you really want to follow the show and become a fan, nothing beats being able to watch the events live.  UFC matches are held practically everywhere, and it’s quite possible that there’s one in an area near you.  Check out the schedule area of the official website to know what events are upcoming and which fighters are vying for the win.

There are many venues to keep you updated about the sport, and it’s up to you which one you would follow religiously.  Some hardcore fans make it a point to watch the show live as much as possible, but you don’t have to go that far.  The point is to be updated on a regular basis so as not to be out of the loop with the developments in the sport.


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