How To Gear Up for Softball Season

For an athlete, the hardest thing to get ready for is the off-season. No athlete wants to end his season for any reason – well, maybe if his team is in last place – because he is afraid that the off-season will take away his momentum. To avoid becoming rusty, here some tips that will help you gear up for the next season, thus, keeping you ready and warmed up.

Step 1

Work out.  When in the off-season, make sure that you work out. Do all that you can to stay in shape and stay loose. It is a known fact that working out helps to make you a better person and athlete.

Step 2

Take out your equipment once every two weeks and inspect it for any possible damage (replace damaged equipment).  The last thing you would want is to have your equipment fail on you while in your break-out season.

Step 3

Study your stats and see where you can improve. Doing this will help you develop into a complete player.

Step 4

Take some days out of the week and look at old baseball or softball games.  This will keep your mind on the game and always pumped up for the next season.

Step 5

If possible, sleep with your glove. Why? Sleeping with your glove will help you and your glove connect, thus making you familiar with your glove and making you that much stronger using your glove when on defense.

The important thing is to always keep motivated and ready for the up-and-coming season. Do all that you can to stay prepared.


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