How To Get Back on Skis After Falling

No matter how good you are at skiing, there will be falls.  Unfortunately, falling down is much easier to do than getting up!  Knowing the correct way to get back on skis after falling will keep you safe and help prevent injury.

The simplest way to get back on skis after falling is to position yourself on your side.  You want to make sure that your skis are parallel to each other and across the fall line.  It will be easier to stand if you are able to bend your legs.

  • Take your ski poles; place one hand on the handles and the other hand near the baskets. 
  • The poles then need to be placed in front of you and planted so that they are uphill from your body. 
  • You will use your poles as the main form of support as you lean forward. Begin to push yourself upward with your hand that is closest to the baskets. 
  • As you lift yourself, move the hand that is near the baskets closer to the handles of the poles as you begin to lift your body fully upright.

This is the number one way to get up after a ski fall.  This is a harder skill to learn than it sounds and does take practice for some,  especially for the fairly new skier.  

If you cannot stand using the above method, there are release buttons on the boots toward the back.  You can hit these to get your skis off, and then just stand up.  Skis will often unlock from the boots after a fall to help prevent injury.

There is a proper way to reconnect your boots and skis so that you can continue skiing:

  • Place your skis perpendicular to the hill's slope. 
  • In order to remove snow from your boots so that they latch to the skis properly, tap the snow off with your ski poles.  Begin with the boot that is the furthest downhill. 
  • You can also scrape snow with the point at the bottom of your poles; this is a great way to reach snow that is more difficult to dislodge. 
  • Once snow has been removed from the boot that is the furthest downhill, step into your ski until you hear the binding snap into place. 
  • Tip your ski into the edge of the hill for balance and repeat with the other foot.


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