How To Get Black Belt Certification

Martial expert with black belt

A black belt is the highest a person can achieve in any martial art. The same level certifies the highest achievement in Six Sigma, a proven methodology used by businesses and organizations to enhance the leadership and management skills of its people. In order to earn a black belt certification in both, a person will need to undergo rigid training, examinations, and win a series of various colored belts, which signify levels.

Black Belt Certification in Martial Arts

  1. The first step in earning a black belt certification in a martial art is joining a martial arts school or dojo. Karate is one of the most popular and basic of martial arts, which a person can join. Once registered, a person must study the belt rankings and guidelines. Completing the first few training sessions, a person will be given the lowest ranking Karate belt, yellow belt.
  2. The more training sessions and examinations a person completes, a person’s belt will be upgraded to various colors corresponding to the level attained. Eventually, a person with enough training and experience will be able to take the tests and examinations such as, kumite sparring and kata forms, to earn a black belt certification in the art. Normally, a black belt in Karate signifies that the person has mastered the basics of the martial art.
  3. In Karate and most martial arts, there are different levels or degrees within a black belt certification that provides a person more progression in the art. This will entail more training and discipline in the art and will require the person to pass more tests and examinations. The “Sensei” is typically the highest level that can be attained through many years of discipline and training. Another word for “Sensei” is teacher.

Black Belt Certification in Six Sigma

  1. Just like martial arts, Six Sigma uses belt colors to signify levels and degrees a person attains in problem solving, project management, and leadership. The first step is to join a Six Sigma training program. Most large companies provide Six Sigma certification programs for their people. For individuals wanting the training and certification, the American Society of Quality’s (ASQ) accepts people for training. There are many Six Sigma training organizations in the world where a person can start his certification.
  2. Belt progression in Six Sigma is achieved by attending specified training sessions, passing of exams, and in some cases certified completion of specific projects. As a person progresses, dependent on the certified belt achieved, he or she will be given certain assignment by people with higher belt levels.
  3. A Six Sigma black belt certification is achieved through additional training and a completion of 2 certified projects. Normally, a certified black belt will be the primary leader in a Six Sigma driven company. Above the black belts, MBBs or master black belts are the most disciplined and experienced. In martial arts, MBBs would be called “Sensei” as they are responsible for coaching and certifying other belts, curriculum development, and project assignments.

Discipline and continuous training is the path to higher honor. Earning a black belt certification, whether in martial arts or in Six Sigma, requires true and unwavering focus.


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