How To Get Event Tickets at an Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Games are held in designated Olympic stadiums, which are specifically fabricated to cater to either summer or winter sports. Most of these locations hold the stadium events of a particular sport, which is why you would need to buy event tickets to watch athletes beat each other for the gold. Many sports buffs will benefit from knowing how to get event tickets at an Olympic Stadium step-by-step.

  1. International Olympic Committee website. This website often displays a particular type of season (summer or winter), the schedule of the events and which stadium will host. It also initiates the phase 1 of selling event tickets through the national sponsor website. Check this website first, since you get information first hand as to which event you might want to go to and when they’d start selling tickets.
  2. National sponsor website. The Olympic Games are sponsored by host countries. The host country initiates phase 1 of event tickets by having a link in their website that caters to the Olympics Games being sponsored, accepting requests from their residents as well as foreigners for event tickets. This starts about 18 months before the actual event takes place. A form has to be filled out and the ticket purchased online.
  3. Travel agencies. When you miss phase 1 of event ticket sales, you can always book with travel agencies to the Olympic Games host country. They would surely secure tickets for their patrons – but make sure that you tell them which event you want to watch. They could also choose the best stadium seats for you and could also book your accommodations in hotels nearest to the Olympic stadium of the said event.
  4. Event stadium. This works if you are a resident of the host country. The unsold tickets from the ticket selling phases are sold at the door of the event. This carries a high risk, as you would have to be early at the event stadium to get tickets for nice seats, otherwise you have to content yourself watching the games from way up.
  5. Stadium parking. Scalpers are often found in this area, but hold on to your cash. Wait until the event starts, as scalpers that still have unsold tickets would sell them at a much lower price than their retail value. Popular events like skating and gymnastics are usually sold out early, so make sure you get the tickets early.

The Olympic stadium is the center stage where the best athletes all over the world get to perform what they do best - sports. Participation in the Olympic Games is where most serious athletes would like their sporting career to reach a highlight. Since most of us rarely have the passion to commit to perfecting the game, the only exposure we could ever get to the Olympics is to wrestle each other for event tickets at a designated sport stadium and watch these seasoned athletes perform the sports they’ve mastered.


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