How To Get Rid of your Old Sports and Outdoor Equipment

Is your garage filling up with old sports equipment you don’t or can’t use? There’s that perfectly good exercise bike you bought with the best intentions, but only used a few times. It is just sitting there taking up space and gathering dust. Maybe you still have a nice pair of water skis, even though you no longer own a boat? Or there are those beginner’s golf clubs that your skills have outgrown and the roller blades that your son can’t wear anymore. You can make money by strategically getting rid of that old sports equipment.

Step 1

Take advantage of buy-back programs and secondhand stores. There are several ways to make some extra spending money by getting rid of that old sports equipment. The best and most lucrative way depends on the product, the brand, and the condition. For example, Callaway has a buy-back program for their golf clubs. Callaway Golf Pre-Owned&Outlet will buy back any club for a fixed price - determined at the original time of purchase - for an in-store credit. And, Golfsmith will accept your trade-in of golf clubs in good or very good condition as credit against the purchase of new golf clubs.

If you have several sports items to get rid of, you can find a welcoming ear at Play it Again Sports. Play It Again Sports pays cash for all kinds of sports and fitness equipment, large and small at their stores.  You can use your trade-in to either trade up or to get cash. The amount you can sell your used sports equipment for depends on the item’s condition and the desirability of the item and the brand.

Step 2

Sell it yourself online and earn more money, another option to get rid of your used sports equipment that carries more risk, more effort, and potentially a bigger pay-off for you is to take advantage of online auctions. Most everyone is familiar with the online auction organization, eBay where you can buy or sell almost anything. But there are also specialty online auctions for specific types of products. For example, Old Clubs matches up buyers and sellers of golf clubs. And, you can list your used outdoor gear for free at This is a great way to sell directly to interested buyers near you.  If you place an ad on the site, your buyer has the advantage of seeing the item before purchasing it and you have the advantage of not having to pack and ship what may be a large, bulky item.

Step 3

Just get rid of your used sporting equipment. Here is an option for the person who just wants to get rid of some unused sports equipment but does not want the hassle of trying to sell it or trade it. If your sports equipment is still useful for someone, check with local schools or churches that have recreation programs. They may welcome your donation and you can deduct the fair market value of the used sports equipment on your itemized income tax Schedule A –- just remember to get a receipt.

Jason Kay recommends advertising your outdoor gear for free on

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