How To Get Rose Bowl Tickets

The Rose Bowl stadium, contrary to popular belief, is not an exclusive place to visit if you know where to look for tickets. This prestigious event attracts many Americans because of the excitement it holds, and while it may seem very difficult to find a ticket, it is not completely impossible.

The good thing about the Rose Bowl is that it is something in which people of all ages can enjoy, and if you want a crystal clear view or a time well-spent on a holiday, then this is the best way to do so.

Here are some of the sources of Rose Bowl tickets that you can consider:

  1. Brokers. Brokers are people who are well-versed in making a living out of selling very valuable items, Rose Bowl tickets included. These brokers may charge you at a higher price, or if you happen to be lucky and have a close friend who is a broker, some discounts may be in order. The good thing about brokers is that they already have tickets in their possession and they always aim for immediate disposal. If you want a quick fix, they are the best people to approach.
  2. Original source. The original source for Rose Bowl tickets will be the people in the surrounding stadium itself. They will give you schedules on when the tickets are available in this Pasadena event. You might need to make inquiries months ahead since a lot of people will be buying tickets directly and you might have to compete to get the best seats.
  3. Bidding websites like eBay. A good online source for Rose Bowl tickets are the numerous bidding websites that sell almost anything and everything under the sun. Sites like eBay are known for these purchases, but you might have to gear yourself for massive competition in bidding for a pair of Rose Bowl tickets, especially during the season.
  4. Social networks. Groups, individuals and other accounts in social networking sites might help you get tickets, if not directly, at least through channels you will not otherwise have access to if you were just buying using ordinary means.
  5. Craigslist and other postings. Craigslist and other postings are also good sources for Rose Bowl tickets. However, pages expire easily. If you intend to buy from this particular channel, you have to act very quickly and post your intention to purchase as soon as you read the corresponding postings.
  6. Online and offline ticket outlets. California ticket outlets, offline and online,  have access for Rose Bowl tickets. Some outlets have to get them from another source, so you might find that they have padded the prices. You might want to compare prices between outlets as fast as you can, so that you can get the best deal.


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