How To Get Started with Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy Sports are games, usually played online, where players, called as fantasy owners, construct a team that competes against fellow fantasy owners.  Fantasy owners also have the ability to trade, waive and sign players. The game is based on statistics racked up by an individual player of a professional sport. It has become increasingly popular today, mainly because Fantasy Sports can easily be accessed and fans feel like they are really part of the action. If you want to be a fantasy owner, here are some tips on how to get started on Fantasy Basketball.

Finding a League. Yahoo, ESPN, CBS and Hotbox are websites that provide free fantasy basketball leagues, as well as other fantasy sports. There are also paid leagues, which also provide prizes for season winners.

Knowing the rules. You must know that Fantasy Basketball is different from real basketball. On Fantasy Basketball, people win through statistics – choosing the right players to fill your stat sheet is important. There are also various league types; the most popular of which are the roto and head to head types.

Doing your homework.  On this part, you should do your research and decide on whom to pick. Fantasy Basketball includes a lot of statistics so you must know what you are looking for. In a Fantasy Basketball league, points, rebounds, blocked shots, three-pointers made; assists, steals, field goal and free throw percentage are measured. You should be aware of which players give what kind of stats to balance your team. Take note that there are stars that do not stuff stat sheets and non-stars that are stat monsters. Be aware of who you pick. You must also check on player’s history. Will the player you draft play for 82 games? Or will he sit out half of the season? It is imperative to know a player’s history.

Drafting players for your team. A fantasy basketball league always has some sort of draft. This is almost always live, although sometimes the computer picks a pre-entered list for the team owners. In this stage, it is important that you plan and rank players. Live drafts have time limits and not preparing ahead of time could cost you a good draft pick. Snap judgments don’t end well most of the time.

Making time for your career and your team. NBA basketball has 82 games and has a game almost everyday for its entire season. Line-up changes and injuries happen almost everyday as well. Fantasy Basketball owners must, at the very least, and monitor their teams on a regular basis. Lack of monitoring could result to a lot of lost points.

Remember that Fantasy Basketball is about statistics. Sometimes your favorite player might not be the best – statistically. In Fantasy Basketball, you have to base your picks, trades and waiver wire pickups on players who perform well statistically. This could mean that you could be leaving your favorite player behind. Fantasy Basketball players should take it for what it is – a statistical sport.


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