How To Get the MLB Schedule

Watching major league baseball (MLB) is a pastime enjoyed by many Americans. On any given spring or summer evening, you're guaranteed to turn on the television and find at least one MLB game in action without a lot of searching. But if you want to follow your favorite team or find out when the next MLB game is coming to a ball park near you, you'll need to get your hands on an MLB schedule. Here is a quick guide on how to get the MLB schedule online.

Step 1

Visit Major league baseball has a site dedicated to any and all MLB team information. This includes information about the current scoreboard, standings, states, players, news and even an audio broadcast. In addition, you can also get the MLB schedule on this website. Simply surf to the Major League Baseball (MLB) website by typing or copying the above address into your browser's address bar. (Or you can simply click on the hyperlink.) Once you're on the MLB website, find the red toolbar located at the top of the screen. Click on the ‘Schedule' menu. You'll be shown a schedule for today's MLB games, as well as the schedule for the next few games. What's also great about this particular website is that beside each game schedule is information about the starting pitchers. In addition, you can buy tickets online if there are any available. It's a great one-stop website for all your MLB schedule needs.

Step 2

Visit  Another information website is ESPN, found at Here you can find schedules for today's games, this week's games, and next week's games. If you're interested, you can even look into the archives and see the schedules for the MLB games played in the previous 7 days. If you've got a good Internet connection, you can listen to the live broadcast of the MLB game over the Internet on XM radio by clicking on the link beside the scheduled game. You can purchase tickets online, find out information about the stadium, and even read up on the latest pitcher stats. ESPN does a great job in providing major league baseball fans with all the MLB scheduling information for the season. Count on it if you need current and up-to-date baseball information.

Step 3

Try CBS CBS Sports also offers a complete listing of MLB schedules. Surf to and you'll find a complete listing of MLB schedules for current and future games. This also includes spring training schedules. You can sort information into team schedules if you like, or you can leave it sorted in daily schedules. CBS also posts which television network is broadcasting the game (if any). And if you like to plan ahead, check out the calendar underneath the schedule. You can click on any future date in the major league baseball season, and you'll be shown a complete listing of the major league baseball (MLB) games scheduled for that evening.


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