How To Go to the World Series

When your favorite major league baseball team finally makes it to the World Series, you'd better be there! You've waited years for the opportunity to cheer on your team as they slug it out for the championship. So when the opportunity arises, don't miss the chance to go to the World Series. Not sure where to start looking for tickets? Here are some helpful hints that should help you find a pair of (legal) World Series tickets.

Step 1

Ask around. Before you look to the Internet for a pair of World Series tickets, talk to people around you who you trust to help you find some tickets. Talk to family, friends, coworkers, and so on. Maybe someone you know has World Series tickets, or maybe someone you know is a season ticket holder! It's time to get out your little black book and start calling all your forgotten peeps to let them know you're interested in going to the World Series.

Step 2

Visit Ticketmaster. The best website to check for World Series tickets is . Check a few weeks before you expect World Series tickets to be available, so that you know what day to go to the site early to buy tickets before they sell out. You can also call Ticketmaster on the day the World Series tickets become available. Have your credit card handy, and call early for the best seating. Be prepared to pay a fortune for great tickets, although diehard baseball fans never complain about the price! They're just happy their team made it to the World Series!

Step 3

Try Ebay. Although you can never be too sure of what you'll get from online auction sites like Ebay, it may be your last resort if you want to go to the World Series. Visit and search for World Series tickets. If you find some, make sure you purchase from a reputable seller with a good feedback rating. Otherwise, your tickets may never show up.

Step 4

Buy scalped tickets. As a last-ditch (and desperate) way to go to the World Series, show up at the stadium on the day of the game and take the risk that someone will be there selling scalped tickets. You're going to be paying heaps more than face value for a ticket if you purchase them from a scalper. And there is always the possibility that the World Series ticket is counterfeit, or even stolen. Use a credit card to pay for the transaction if you can so that you at least have some security if the transaction goes sour. Not only is the act of selling scalped tickets illegal, but it could very well ruin your plans of attending the World Series.


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