How To Go Turkey Hunting

Steps for a Productive Turkey Hunt

Turkey hunting can be a very enjoyable sport, if the hunter is prepared for the hunt. Being prepared takes a little work, but is well worth it when that turkey is served with all the fixings.

Step 1

The first step is to gather the necessary equipment.

  • Camouflage clothing is necessary in order to get into shooting range of a turkey.
  • A turkey call is often necessary to get the turkey to come into the area to be shot.
  • Purchase any decoys that you may wish to use.

Step 2

Decide on the weapon that you will use to hunt a turkey.

  • The weapon of choice is necessary for taking this game bird.
  • This can be a shotgun, a muzzle loader, a bow or even a crossbow.
  • Gather up the ammunition to be used with the weapon of choice.

Step 3

The next step is to determine the location of the turkey hunt.

  • Get permission from the landowner.
  • Pay for a hunting lease, either full service or no service.
  • Hunt on land owned by yourself or your family.

Step 4

If you are going to hunt turkey on your own land you will need to scout the land and prepare the hunting site.

  • Scout the land to see where the turkey population is located.
  • Prepare food plots or other types of feeding areas.
  • Place blinds if you are to hunt from one.

Step 5

Find out when turkey season is open in the location where the turkey hunt will occur.

  • Fall turkey season.
  • Spring turkey season.

Step 6

Purchase a hunting license in the state where the hunt is to take place.

  • A turkey hunting license is required by all states.
  • The turkey hunting license is to be purchased for the state where the hunt is to take place, not in the hunter’s home state.
  • Purchasing a license helps with funding programs to ensure future turkey hunting.

Step 7

Practice, Practice, Practice.

  • Practice firing the weapon from the desired or recommended distance whether it is a shotgun or a bow.
  • Practice using your turkey call if you believe that you will need one when turkey hunting.

Step 8

Wait for the opening day of turkey season, or at least the day you are going turkey hunting.

  • If hunting on a full service lease, you should do as your fitter asks you to do, which will include sitting in a stand and waiting for the turkey to make its appearance.
  • If hunting on your own land, get on your stand early if you are going to hunt from a stand so that you will be in position when the turkey flock begins moving.
  • Take the shot; hopefully you will be cleaning a turkey soon afterwards.


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