How To Hang a Dartboard without Fixing it to a Wall

Dartboards look perfect on a wall.  They are meant to be hung there.  Unfortunately, not all walls are designed to accommodate them.  Yes, this is particularly true if you are staying in a rented house, where nailing something on the wall isn’t really encouraged, or your wall is rock solid and penetrating nail into it seems impossible.  Well, one of the practical solutions that you can take is using a portable frame where you can conveniently hang your dartboard.  So, here are the steps that can aid you in hanging your dartboard with the necessity of fixing it directly to a wall:

Target the right spot.  It should not be frequently accessed or traveled both by people and pets in your household.  In other words, you should scout for a low-traffic area.  You don’t want to stop your exciting game just because somebody needs to pass by.  That’s a real turn off. 

You should also see to it that your breakables or fragile items are away or far from your preferred spot, too.  Darts frequently bounce off the board.  It may hit any of those objects, particularly if they are near the area.  The ideal distance away from them is about three feet.

And if you are expecting spectators in your regular games, you may want to plan out how they can comfortably watch.  You should also take into account if they have a clear view of your dartboard to appreciate your skills.

Protect your floor.  Your spot should afford you ample space to move and position yourself when you are already playing the game.  Once you have identified the suitable spot, put down a carpet onto the floor.  You need to safeguard your floor, particularly against the pointed tips of your darts.

Get a good portable stand for your dartboard
.  Refer to the stand’s manufacturer’s instruction manual in setting it up.  Once the stand is assembled, hang your dartboard on it. 

Set up your throwing area
. You need a tape measure here to double-check the actual height of the stand.  It should be about five feet and eight inches above the ground so you can hit a bull’s-eye.

Now, you should also account your distance away from your dartboard.  The distance is determined by the kind of darts you are using.  That’s your oche (read as “ockey) – your throw line mark.  If they are steel-tipped, you need to mark a spot that is exactly seven feet and nine and a quarter inch away from your dartboard.    If they are soft-tipped, it should be eight feet away.

If you are a neophyte in playing darts, you may need to take extra precaution.  As a newbie, your darts may miss the board and directly hit the wall.  If this happens repeatedly, your wall may look really hideous.  So, install a backboard.  It should be placed behind your dartboard and extend a bit on both sides.  A backboard is certainly going to be helpful in protecting your beautiful wall.


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