How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Most new golfers find that the sport is more difficult than it looks on television. Whether you are new to the sport or just want to improve your swing after years of practice, it can be done. Follow these steps and you can improve your golf swing. To transform your golf swing, however, you may find that more help is needed. I recommend the Simple Golf Swing program.

  1. Slow down. Golf looks easy--you just have to hit the ball hard and let it soar, then hit it soft when you want to putt the short shot. This thinking causes most players to step up to the ball and swing away at each position. When you slow down, you can take your time to position your body and get the best out of your swing.
  2. Choose the correct club. Using a club that is too long or too short for your body puts a hitch in your swing. The club should allow you to swing with your arms extended and your torso tilted slightly forward. Too short a club forces you to lean forward and too long bends your arms – both of these will keep your swing from being fluid and natural.
  3. Adjust your footing and stance. Stand so your feet are in line with where you are aiming and the ball is in front of the center of the space between your feet. Avoid locking your knees and straighten your back.
  4. Loosen your grip. When you swing, you should follow through all the way. In order to do this, your wrists have to turn as you shift arm position. Loosening your grip allows your wrists to rotate in a natural motion. A tight grip will cause the club to twist instead of your wrists. This causes your swing to lose control of the angle of your swing.
  5. Consult the pro. If you cannot determine the cause of the hitch in your swing, see a professional. Most courses or country clubs have a local golf pro available for lessons.
  6. Practice often. You cannot fix a golf swing overnight. It takes practice, so make sure you play golf regularly so you can improve your swing.
  7. Relax and clear your mind. Thinking too hard and trying too hard will hinder your ability to correct your swing. Once you begin, take a breath, then blank your brain as you let your body take the swing.

Golf can be a challenging sport and thrilling when done right. If you follow these steps and practice, then you can improve your golf swing.


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I'll have to give some of these a try -- I just may be the world's worst golfer, so I can use all of the help I can get! :O)

By Elizabeth Grace