How To Install a Heavy Punching Bag

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There are a variety of heavy punching bags on the market; they vary in weight from forty to around seventy pounds.  Once you select the heavy punching bag you want, you'll need to find an area in your house to install it.  You should pick an area and space with lots of room, preferably in the basement.  You'll need a drill, screw driver, eyebolt and an S-shaped hook, the latter two of which can be purchased at a hardware store.

  • The first step is to measure the height of the wooden beam above.  You'll probably need a chair.  Accounting for the length of the bag and chains and height from the floor to the wooden beam, the bottom of the heavy bag should hang about belt height.
  • Next, drill a hole in the center of the beam.  Use a drill bit that is close in diameter to the eyebolt.  You should choose an eyebolt that is sturdy enough to support your heavy punching bag.  The eyebolt should not be too big for the beam or it will split the wood.
  • Screw the eyebolt into the hole using a screwdriver as leverage.  Make sure you screw the eyebolt all the way in until the tread is no longer visible.
  • Attach all chain endings to the rings of your heavy bag.  S-shaped hooks are usually at the bottom of each chain.  Most punching bags come with four chains or swivels.
  • Wrap each end of the chain with duct tape to secure it to the heavy bag.  This will prevent one or more of the chains from popping off, which can interrupt your punching bag workouts and cause wear and tear on your bag.
  • Once all four chain endings are secured to the bag, attach the top of each chain to the S-shaped hook that you purchased.
  • Secure the tops of each chain to the S-shaped hook with duct tape.  Leave enough room at the top of the hook to hang your heavy bag through the eyebolt above.
  • Once you have secured the chains to the S-shaped hook, you are ready to lift the heavy bag and attach it to the eyebolt above.
  • Before attaching the S-shaped hook of the heavy bag to the eyebolt above, make sure you have a sturdy chair to stand on. You may need assistance in lifting the bag. 
  • Once the S-shaped hook is attached to the eyebolt you are ready to start your first heavy bag workout.


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