How To Interest Kids in Fishing

Fishing with buddies is something you’re probably familiar with by now. You know how to organize things and what to expect, but what about when you bring your kids to one of your fishing trips?

Let’s face it, being able to bring your children in a fishing trip (and keeping them coming for more) needs extra effort to help them appreciate the recreational activity that is fishing.

This brings up the question: how do you catch and keep your child’s interest in fishing?
Here are a few tips:

  • Show them pictures, results or share interesting stories from your fishing trips. You have to advertise fishing carefully to lure them into actually experiencing the activity. Also tell them the neat things they could learn from fishing.
  • Scout for safe fishing areas. Of course, since they are relatively new to fishing, it may not be a good idea to bring them to trout streams- even if they are one of the best places to fish. The slippery rocks can be very hazardous and accidents like injuries caused by falling, drowning or even hypothermia. Opt for safer areas and reserve the more adventurous places when they are older.
  • Remember to bring the essential equipments. Do not forget to bring sun visors, hats or umbrellas and sun block when the weather is sunny. You could also bring jackets or long sleeves for you and your child in case it gets extra sunny. You or your child may not notice it while in the middle of fishing but sunburns can be really painful and you also risk you and your child to skin cancer. 
  • Use nature’s gifts as baits. The natural ones such as worms and the like attract fish easier as compared to the artificial lures which would more likely involve some advanced skill and patience and clearly this is not ideal for a beginner in fishing.
  • Be prepared for their boredom. The average human attention runs for twenty minutes or so, and children get bored and cranky in a shorter while. It is helpful to bring snacks to keep them busy.
  • Make your fishing trip a learning experience. Since, it is guaranteed that there will be a time where their patience will be tested when the bait takes some time to catch fish, make the child more familiar to his surroundings. First, educate him on the bait you he/she is using and what kinds of fish you might catch in your particular spot. Tell them what could be taking the fish too long to bite-it could be because they are moving too much. You can also teach them what other wildlife forms can found in your spot. Not only will this enhance their learning, it will also help take some of the boredom off. 

Fishing, especially when shared with your children can be a very rewarding experience. Think of all the stories and experiences you can share with them. Make the most of it by preparing beforehand and considering the possible problems that may occur during your fishing trip. And of course, enjoy your little family trip.


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