How To Join a Country Club

A country club is usually a private club whose members are involved in golf, tennis and other similar leisure sports. Being invited into a country club is a privilege offered only to a few, especially in large, expensive settings. Therefore, if you are given a chance to join, you better fix yourself up. Here are some guidelines to follow when joining a country club.

  • Read all the rules and regulations. Nothing is more humiliating than getting kicked out of the club for not observing proper behavior. Remember that in most cases acquiring membership means that you have acquired a certain status. You have to represent the club well or risk getting your membership revoked.
  • Review the membership costs. Joining a country club may be expensive. Aside from the initial membership fee, there are monthly or yearly dues to continue accessing the club. Also, take note of additional costs. Some club amenities are not included in the monthly dues and are paid for in a per-use basis.
  • A country club is a good avenue in developing and furthering business relationships. Since most club members are well-off, it would greatly benefit your line of work to build relationships with them. This would also make you feel like you are really part of the club. Play golf with them, eat brunch with them. These are some easy ways to start making acquaintances, and hopefully, friends.
  • Memberships in most country clubs include dining privileges. Bring your family for a hearty meal. Some clubs will give you access to their dining facilities. What better way to enjoy food than with the family?
  • There may be regular events held in the club. Make sure to be familiar with them so that you will not be left out. This is also a good way of getting to know what kind of club you are joining. The events they hold reflect what their members want and participate in. Some clubs hold charities, while some hold exclusive parties. Better know what you are getting yourself into before joining.
  • Maximize the facilities provided. Never be afraid to ask for what you pay for. Aside from the usual golf course, some clubs also offer a swimming pool, or gym facilities.  Joining a country club is not only about getting in the club. It is also about staying and maximizing your stay.
  • Do not forget to get or make a contract. These kinds of things need to be taken care of before membership. If you have a special agreement with the club, you need to put everything in writing, so that you would have written proof of what you have agreed upon. Some clubs require a minimum number of months or years before they allow you to forego membership. Such things need to be properly discussed in the contract.

Joining a country club for the first time may both be fun and intimidating. People in the country club usually act in a different way from people at work. Some are more personal and this could be a great opportunity to build friendships, or at least acquaintances. Remember that it takes time to warm up to something new. If you find that you do not enjoy your stay, give it a few months. There must be a reason why you joined in the first place. The important thing is to have fun.


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