How To Join College Wrestling without Experience

There’s no stopping you if you want to join to a college wrestling club—even having no experience. Don’t lose hope and assume that you don’t have a future in wresting just because you don’t have any experience. Be logical and think of ways to join in a college wresting. From there, you can start gaining experience and who knows, you might be a professional wrestler after a few years.

The steps below will guide you through joining college wrestling without experience:

  • Enroll in the college or university. Most wrestling clubs of colleges and schools are exclusive for their students only. If you are already enrolled in a college or university, then check with your school if it has a wresting club. If none, then you have to enroll to a college or university that offers a wrestling club. It’s best to enroll in a school known for producing great wrestlers. Colleges and universities with more focus on sports are most probably more reliable in terms of training newbies like you.
  • Learn more about the wrestling club. Most schools allow any of their students enter the club even if you’re still not a member of it. But in some schools, the wrestling clubs might be for their members only. You may sit in a usual day of the wrestling club or read information about the club. Most club officers will be glad to discuss with you about their rules regarding new members. Ask about the requirements and qualifications needed to join the club. Some might require a demo while some will not require anything except maybe for a proof that you are a student of the college or university.
  • Prepare the requirements and qualifications. You’re lucky if the club doesn’t need a demo or a proof that you trained for wrestling. If a demo is required, then you need to start practicing right away. Do not watch those entertainment wrestling shows on TV. Wrestlers there may have trained for their roles but still, it is just a TV show. Every move of the wrestler is dictated by the story line. If you want to see the real moves, then watch professional wrestling matches and copy their movements. Some websites can also help you learn wrestling right from scratch. Fight Authority offers free video courses on pro wrestling. If you need ebooks, then try FILA Edocs. It’s a good provider of free ebooks about wrestling. Studying wrestling takes time. But don’t just copy the moves. Learn about the theories, too. You’ll impress the coach with the more knowledge you have about wrestling.
  • Apply for a college wrestling membership. There is no reason to deny you of college wrestling membership if you have passed all the requirements and qualifications. Sometimes, you only need to wait a day or two for the confirmation that you are already a club’s member.
  • Practice more. Joining a college wrestling can be the start of your professional career. Many famous wrestling professionals and stars today started during their school days.

Just keep on improving your skills and don’t let a day pass by without adding new skills or knowledge about wrestling. With your hard work, you might be one of your schools top wrestlers. Who knows, a famous promoter might be impressed of your skills and offer you the biggest break.


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