How To Join Legend Car Racing

Legend car racing can be described as the inexpensive type of racing. The cars that are used for legend car racing have bodies of cars that were used during the 1930’s to the 1940’s. You can see these cars in the movies. A director, Ridley Scott, has movies with these genre cars. These genre cars are seen in black, red and other colors.

All the cars that join legend car racing have the same specifications to achieve equality among the racers. The only difference among the cars is the style of the bodies. The complete rules of legend car racing can be seen in the INEX. The INEX stands for inexpensive. You have to meet certain standards in order to join legend car racing.

Here are some of the tips on how you can join legend car racing:

  1. Around the World. The creation of legend car racing was done by the Americans, but championship races are also done in other home countries, such as England, Scotland and Canada. The world finals of legend car racing are always held in the United States. If you want to join legend car racing, you can check if there are events that are going to be held in your country.
  2. Legend Car Racing Divisions. There are 4 main divisions in legend car racing. The Young Lions division is for drivers who are aged 12 to 16. Drivers who just entered the sport or have been inactive in racing for a long time are placed in the Semi-Pro Division group. The Masters Division is composed of racers that are aged 40 years and older. The last is the Pro Division where the professional and experienced drivers race. It is good to join these events even if you are still starting out so that you can practice and have a feel on what it feels like to compete.
  3. Car Specifications. Legend car racing promotes equality among all the drivers, and every car that enters the competition is checked. Some of the specifications include a wheelbase of 73.00 inches, a Yamaha 1,250cc engine, 122 horsepower, a weight of 1,300 pounds with the driver of the car, 7” width and 13” diameter for the wheels, height of 46 inches and a coil over with Bilstein shocks suspension.
  4. Body Styles. The body styles of the cars that will be competing are also checked. For the year 1934, the car bodies that are accepted are Chevrolet Coupe, Ford Sedan and Ford Coupe. For 1937, the body styles are Chevrolet Sedan, Dodge Coupe, Ford Sedan, Ford Coupe, Chevrolet Coupe and Dodge Sedan. For the year 1940, Ford Coupe is accepted.
  5. Other Rules. You can check the other rules regarding the event on the official website of the legend car racing. The website is You will be able to see race schedules, waivers, racing information, racing tales and more. If you are just starting with the sport, you can check the web page so you can see the steps that you have to go through.

These are the requirements when joining legend car racing. You can learn more about the sport by reading on the website so that you can be familiar with the rules of the race. You can also read about other racing drivers, such as Simon Arthur or Michael Hubert III.


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