How To Know the Maximum User Weight for a Trampoline

When you are about to purchase a trampoline for your lovely grandchildren “Jack and Jessica” you will obviously wonder about the stated maximum, or combined user weight, especially when you are given to understand that the trampoline is designed for single person usage.

A reputable dealer will explain to you that for Legal and Health&Safety reasons, single user restriction is the only kind of use they can recommend to you without running the risk of possible litigation should an accident happen on the trampoline, while 2 or more children are bouncing together. Of course, with the best will in the world, everybody knows that more than one child WILL use the trampoline at the same time and on a larger trampoline during a children’s birthday party, for example, there could easily be up to half a dozen. This of course is at the owner’s risk and there should be a high level of supervision to ensure that things don’t become dangerous.

Combined user weight is not sufficient alone. You should also aim for the maximum number of springs at each size to ensure a good quality of bounce. Below is a guide as to the range you can expect to find from low quality chain store unbranded makes, through to the better quality brands of circular trampolines:


Number of Springs

Maximum User Weight     


8 Ft

48 - 60

80kg/12st – 100kg/16st

10 Ft

60 - 72

90kg/14st – 114kg/18st

12 Ft

72 - 96

100kg/16st – 114kg/18st

14 Ft

80 - 112

100kg/16st – 140kg/22st


Obviously your purchase is recommended to be in the higher end of these ranges, but if either  the number of springs, or the maximum recommended user rate fall below these ranges you should probably avoid purchase unless lowest price is your only consideration, but as prices can start as low as £59 (around US$100) for an 8ft trampoline, you should certainly be asking the right questions from your supplier before making your decision and not buy “blind” on price alone.

It is also important that the maximum user weights are not exceeded, as apart from invalidating the warranty, this would put unnecessary strain on the main components of the trampoline, resulting in stretching of the springs and bounce mat. This will end up giving you a weaker and softer bounce and an earlier than normal component replacement. Finally make sure that your dealer holds stock and is able to replace these components immediately to prevent equipment failure.

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