How To Land a Jump on a Snowboard

The sport of snowboarding has exploded in popularity, gaining not only participants but also the level of difficulty of the jumps involved. When a person learns how to snowboard, he is not just taking a modified skateboard and sliding down a ski slope, although that might be the impression. Many of the jumps performed by snowboarders are borrowed from skateboarders, and they become increasingly difficult and more exciting. As more people learn this sport, it is important for them to learn to land a jump on a snowboard without mishaps.

The simplest jump performed by snowboarders is called an Ollie. For the beginner to practice an Ollie, the incline chosen should be a small one. For the beginner practicing this move, it is necessary to increase speed while approaching the incline. They should use the back of the board as a spring to propel themselves into the air. It is important to assume a crouching position at the start of the jump so that they will be able to land the jump with both feet level. They should plan in advance where they are going to land the jump. Visualize where the snowboard will land, so that the jump will land with the snowboard level. Knees should be bent as the person lands the snowboard in order to help avoid injuries to the ankles, as well as falls that could cause more serious injuries.

A more difficult jump is an Air to Fakie, in which the snowboarder jumps into the air, turns around 180 degrees, and lands the jump facing in the opposite direction. Just like the Ollie, the key to landing the jump is remembering to keep the feet level. Bending the knees before landing the jump in order to avoid injuries is crucial. Both feet need to touch down at the same time in order for the jump to be landed properly. Once the jump is landed, the snowboarder continues down the slope facing backwards.

For the snowboarder, landing the jump does not begin when he is making his descent. In order to land a jump without any serious injuries, the snowboarder must plan before the jump, time the jump exactly and know where the jump will land. Practicing these skills will help the snowboarder to develop the ability to land a jump with finesse.

Beginners will experience falls when they are first learning to jump their snowboards, but falls will decrease as they begin to learn to anticipate where they are going to land their jump, and prepare for the landing in advance. The most important preparations are bending the knees before landing the jump and making sure the jump is landed with the snowboard at feet level.


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