How To Learn Filipino Martial Arts

Martial arts can be useful for self defense, self discipline, and self improvement. There are many different forms of the martial arts and each has its own unique style. This article is a general guide to success in learning Filipino martial arts, which is marked by its versatility. It includes hand-to-hand and weapons combat. As it would be impractical to provide step-by- step instructions on how to perform Filipino martial arts, this article is only intended as a source of advice for those who wish to learn.

Getting Started

If you desire to learn Filipino martial arts in depth, you should first find a school in your local area where you can obtain face-to-face instruction. This article contains basic instructions on how to go about learning once this first step is completed. You may be able to find illustrated instructions for executing moves and forms, but nothing can replace the training one receives in a martial arts school setting.

Try to find a school in your area that suits your individual preferences. Do you prefer to learn in a group or private setting? Also, it may be helpful to have a friend or family member join with you; preferably someone of equal skill and athletic prowess. If you do, you’ll be able to help one another along the way.

Getting in Shape

Filipino martial arts can be a great source of exercise, but if you really want to excel, you will need to take your exercise regiment beyond the training sessions. Hit the gym. Determine your areas of weakness, as well as which of them will be most important to you as you train, and five those areas special attention.

Mastering the Skills You Learn

Mastery of martial arts, just like mastery of anything else, requires a great deal of practice and effort beyond the training sessions. You may be able to stay at pace with the others in your group by simply showing up and giving your all, and then setting it aside until next time. But most will not be able to do this, and in any event, this mindset will never allow you to achieve your personal best as a martial artist.

Interacting with Higher-ranked Martial Artists

When you start the learning process, and as you continue your training, you will undoubtedly have questions and problems to overcome. The best way to handle these issues is to form relationships with other individuals who are more experienced with Filipino martial arts, and to use them for support.

The advice provided above should help you to excel in your Filipino martial arts training. If you apply these ideas as you learn, you will achieve mastery much quicker than you otherwise would.


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