How To Listen to MLB Radio

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Major league baseball is great to watch. But if you can't be there, listening to it is the next best thing. From the comfort of your car, your office, or your computer, you can easily join millions of Americans each night and listen to MLB radio. Here are a few different options you have when it comes to listening to MLB radio.

Step 1

Surf to If you want to listen to the latest MLB baseball game on MLB radio, log onto the Internet and go to You'll initially be taken to the official homepage of Major League Baseball. On the red toolbar at the top of the page, click on ‘Audio and Video'. From there, you have a few options. To listen to the basic game without any additional features, click on the ‘Listen to Gameday Audio' link. The next page will list all of the games playing on the current day, listed by time. Look under the ‘Gameday Audio' column, and click on either the ‘away' or ‘home' link, depending on which game and station you prefer to listen to. A second screen will then pop up, and you'll be asked to create a login. Click on ‘choose package', then click on the $14.95 yearly option. Have your credit card handy, since you'll have to pay for this MLB radio service. Once you complete this process, you can finish creating your account. Then you will be able to listen to MLB radio. For future games, once you have a login and account created, you will bypass this process and be taken directly to the gameday audio.

If you are a hardcore major league baseball fan and you like to have additional information about your baseball game, click on ‘Buy Gameday premium'. With this fee, you'll get MLB radio plus enhanced pitch identification, full 3D pitch visualization, and gameday mini info.  Plus, you'll get in-game video highlights, hot and cold zones, and batter/pitcher tendencies. What more could you want? For the ultimate major league baseball fan, this MLB radio package has it all.

For either MLB radio option for your computer, make sure that you meet all of the system requirements before making a purchase. You may be disappointed to find out that your computer will not run MLB radio after you have purchased a package. So check to make sure your PC is compatible first.

Step 2

Listen to XM satellite radio. You can listen to MLB radio on satellite radio from your computer or your vehicle (if you're a subscriber). There are a few MLB stations on XM radio that offer 24-hour coverage of current baseball news. Check out the XM station ‘MLB Homeplate' on XM 175. If you already have XM radio (a service you will have to pay for), then the MLB radio will be free to listen to.

Step 3

Listen to your local radio station. Another way to catch your favorite major league baseball game is to tune into your local radio station. has a ‘Team Radio Flagships' page that lists the call letters for each team's town station. Or, if you're familiar with your news-talk or sports radio station, you'll already know where to find it on the dial. Tune into your favorite sports radio station at any point after a major league baseball game begins, and you'll be able to listen to the MLB game on the radio.


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