How To Locate a Spot for a Bonfire

Bonfires are believed to originate from the Celtic tradition of warding off evil spirits, especially during the Samhain festival. Though there are other variations in its roots and purposes, a common factor among these celebrations is that bonfires signify festivities and it is a good way to mingle with others in the spirit of fun. Thus, when planning such an activity, it is of utmost importance to find the most fitting bonfire location first.

Almost everyone has attended a bonfire party or at least heard about one. Though you may have not paid much attention to the bonfire location since guests tend to focus more on the social interaction part as well as the booze, at least you may have noticed that there is a nearby water supply. It may either be a beach, a lake or an artificial body of water. In some cases, the event planners may have prepared sets of fire extinguishers hidden somewhere in the event location. This is one of the most important considerations to have in finding the best bonfire spot.

Whether you are planning a major bonfire event for the school or it is for a weekend getaway with your friends, having the advice of fire professionals is always a topnotch move. Not only can they provide you their ideas of a perfect bonfire location, they can also give you useful tips and insights on how to keep the event safe and sound. Contact the local fire brigade in the area you’re eyeing and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with your queries if you play it nice.

Nowadays, bonfire events are synonymous to an all-night party with drinks and hard dancing. In such an anticipated night, you must be prepared to restore order whenever some kids go overboard. Being the event host or overseer, your bonfire location must provide you with ground advantage. This means you need a good spot to at least see most of what’s happening in the party. Exit points must also be clear in case you need to mobilize the whole group as quickly as possible.

If you’re prospect location is near a forest or somewhere near greens, it is best to stay away from too much dried leaves and wild grasses as these pose a huge threat to the event. If in case you really want to hold the bonfire in such a spot, organize a drive to clear the perimeter with fire hazards a day before the event itself and put up some posts to which you can assign guards during the event if you have the resources.

Finding bonfire locations these days are very easy since lots of parks and tourist destinations hold such events on a regular basis. You may contact these vacation spots over the internet or the classifieds to inquire about their rates and regulations so you can compare different prospect bonfire locations. Lastly, finding the ultimate bonfire spot can be easy if you take a survey from the attendees or your friends since you’ll be sharing the festivities with them anyway.


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