How To Make a Bike Basket

A bicycle is one human invention that has a huge impact on society from the time of its inception to the present day. Many people use bicycles worldwide for a number of purposes. In many places they are a primary means of transportation. They are used for recreation, utility services, entertainment, and work among other roles.

Many people love this human-powered vehicle with two wheels for a variety of reasons. Compared to motorized vehicles, riding a bicycle is environmentally friendly, as bikes cause neither noise nor air pollution. It is a good form of exercise that helps you develop strong heart and muscular limbs. It promotes physical as well as mental health. Bikes require less maintenance. They help you save money on fuel, make you weave in and out of traffic, and find no parking problems.

In a nutshell, bicycles provide ease and convenience. However, if you are a bike enthusiast or someone whose primary mode of transport is a bicycle, you know that you do not always get that ease and convenience if you have to carry some stuff with you when you ride. While you can carry a backpack, there are instances where you need the functionality of a bike basket like when you go grocery shopping, go places with your little pooch, and so forth. To make your own bike basket, follow these simple steps.

  1. Determine where you would like to place the basket. Some bike owners are comfortable with a front basket, which is attached to the bike’s handlebars while others prefer a rear basket, which requires a carrier.
  2. Choose your kind of basket. You can choose woven, wicker, wire, rattan, wood, plastic, fabric, etc. You can go creative and use existing household items around your house. Just make sure that the size and weight of your choice will not impede your mobility.  If you want a sturdy, water-resistant bike basket, you can make one out of a milk crate. Waste baskets made of resilient plastics also make creative and functional front-mounted bike baskets.
  3. Use a couple of leather straps to attach the basket to the handlebars in a sturdy fashion. Leather straps give a clean and complementing look. You can also make use of nylon rope, bungee cord, or zip ties if leather straps are not available.  To secure a basket to the rear of your bike, use a solid rear carrier under the basket. You can either bolt the basket or use wire to grip it to the carrier.
  4. A basket cover is optional but ideal if you wish to make your basket water resistant. To avoid getting your things soaked when it rains, you can always simply drape a water resistant cloth over your basket or make a permanent cover. You can use a solid or hard lid but to make it lighter, you can use a piece of tarpaulin or canvas made of plastics like polyethylene measured to fit the top of your basket. You can use strings or shoelaces to tie the cover to the sides of the basket.

Making a bike basket is one fun craft bike enthusiasts or riders can do. You only need to be resourceful in order to come up with a creative and functional bike basket.


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