How To Make a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

A fishing lure is an object used to attract the fish and be able to catch it when it bites the hook. With the rising cost of fishing lures, it’s very cheap and practical to make your own fishing lure. You can use a bottle cap in making your own fishing lure. Use either a metal beer or soda bottle cap.
Here are the steps in making your own bottle cap fishing lure:

  • Bend the bottle cap into a taco shell shape by pushing it against a hard surface using pliers. You can also do this by gripping the bottle cap using the pliers making it bend until the shape becomes like a taco shell. Make sure that the bottle cap still has a small gap in the middle just enough to slide your sinker.
  • Slide a sinker in the middle of the bottle cap. Once the sinker is inside the bottle cap, clamp the bottle cap to close tightly using the pliers. You can also use small balls instead of a sinker. The purpose of sinkers and balls is to make sounds and vibration when you move your fishing lure under water. Make sure that there’s enough space inside the bottle for the sinker or balls to move freely. If there’s not enough space, the sinker or balls will not be able to move thus no sounds and vibration will be produced.
  • Drill holes about 1/8 inch away from the edges of the bottle cap. These holes will be used to attach the hook, swivel and fishing line. Use pliers when drilling the bottle cap to prevent it from slipping since it’s very small. Make sure to hold the pliers firmly. Others actually drill the bottle cap before bending. However, it’s better to drill the bottle cap after bending so that the holes will be aligned.
  • Connect the swivel on one of the bottle cap’s holes then slightly open the metal ring with your fingers and put it on the other hole. Once the metal ring is attached to the bottle cap, attach the hook to the metal ring. You can buy a metal ring in a craft store or in a lure shop near you. If you don’t have a metal ring, you can also use a wire to attach to the bottle cap and hook. Attach the fishing line to the swivel by tying it.
  • You can paint your fishing lure to make it colorful or you can just use it the way it is. Painting the bottle cap lure is optional.

You can now bring your bottle cap fishing lure to your fishing trips and bring home more fish. Make sure to keep the bottle cap lure moving under the water to attract fishes. You can also do some modifications to your lure by using different things like a spoon or knife. You can find so many things around your house that can be used in making fishing lures. Because bottle caps are just everywhere, you can make numerous bottle cap fishing lures which you can give to your fishing buddies or you can even sell them and make some profit.


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