How To Make a Darts Scoreboard

Darts has always been a popular game and dates back to Medieval England.  Darts is commonly played in pubs and bars, but the simplicity of the game has also made it popular to play in the home.  Dartboards can be easily made using corkboard material, and making a darts scoreboard is even easier.

To get started making a darts scoreboard, you will first need a large and sturdy piece of poster board.  Ideally, choose a white colored poster board so that you can see the scores easier.  If you play darts frequently, it’s a good idea to purchase a dry erase board.  Dry erase boards are inexpensive and can be hung on the wall near the dartboard.  This makes it easier to keep the same darts scoreboard, while filling in the names and scores as needed.

You will now need a wide tipped black marker.  If possible, choose one that is permanent so that it doesn’t smear on the poster board.  If using a dry erase board, opt for a black dry erase marker that can be easily be wiped off.  Use the marker to write down the names of the two players next to each other.  The names will be the headings of the two columns.

To begin making the columns, draw a line underneath the two names.  Use a ruler or a straight edge so that you keep the lines as straight as possible.  Then draw a straight line in between the two names, continuing to make your columns.

To continue making a darts scoreboard, you will need to write the numbers 14 through 20 on the left hand side of the poster board.  After the number 20, write the letter “B” which stands for bull’s eye.  These numbers should be written in their own column, so draw a vertical line in between the numbers and player one’s name.  Also draw horizontal lines across the whole board, separating the numbers from one another.

Once completed making a darts scoreboard, you can now begin playing your darts game.

When a player hits any of the sections on the outer ring, the score is twice the number that the dart landed on.  Any darts that hit the inner ring will be worth three times the number, while the small ring around the bull’s eye is worth 25 points.  If a player hit’s the bull’s eye, he or she receives 50 points.  Be sure to mark all the points directly onto the scoreboard.


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