How To Make a Plastic Toboggan Go Dangerously Fast

A toboggan is a simple sled with a flat bottom and a cord on the upper side for the rider to hold and provide rudimentary steering with. The front ends of most toboggans are curved or curled up so that the toboggan can glide or slide over rough surfaces easily. In olden times, it was actually used as a means of transportation by the Innu and Cree of northern Canada. However, in modern times it is used as a means of recreation during the winter season.

Toboggans are used to glide or slide down a hill or chute covered with snow. A typical toboggan can carry two persons. Nowadays, many toboggans do not have the front end curved or curled up; because of the thickness of the platform itself. Most toboggans now have an efficient built in steering and braking system, which makes them even safer for kids. Toboggans are often used by families in place of skis.

Speed is a thrilling experience and everyone enjoys speed, be it children or adults. Therefore everyone tries to find ways to make their means of transportation go faster such as cars, cycles, skate boards, and the like. And toboggans are no exception. In order to make your toboggan go faster you need to pay special attention to its bottom surface. Be sure to maintain your toboggan properly so it has a longer life.

Wipe dirt from the bottom. Wipe the old dirt, debris or wax from the bottom of the toboggan. It can be wiped with a rag or scraped off with ski scrapper. You can also use a putty knife.

Dry the bottom and then apply the wax. After the first step, dry the bottom of the toboggan. To speed up the drying process use a hair dryer. Keep the dryer because it will come in handy afterwards, too. After drying, evenly stroke the special purpose wax on with an applicator. Hold the hair dryer a few inches from the surface so that the wax can seep through the surface’s pores.

Allow to dry. Allow about 10 to 15 minutes for the bottom surface to properly dry.

Scrape away excess wax. After the wax has dried, check the toboggan’s bottom if there is excessive wax build-up, and scrape them away. Use the scrapper tool to do this task.

Check for dry spots, and reapply wax if necessary. Check the bottom of the toboggan to see if there are places where the wax is thin or has been completely scrapped away. Reapply the wax on such spots.

Wait to dry. Now wait again for at least an hour before using the toboggan, to make sure the wax has dried properly. Use the hair dryer again to make the drying process faster.

Toboggans are extremely fun. They can reach very high speeds if the toboggans are maintained properly and handled with care. There are actual tournaments that are held for toboggans, making it a sporting activity as well. Many resorts and parks have special courses for tobogganing. Tobogganing can be termed as a pre-bobsleigh sport.


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