How To Make a Simple Fire Pit

Fire pit

Camping, outdoor picnics, and family barbecues usually need a fire pit for cooking, roasting and to keep warm during cold weather. Eating something cooked in an open fire pit sure tastes differently. The combination of the company, the open air and the wood smoke adds new flavors to the simplest of foods.

You can make a fire pit or a bonfire when you go outdoors with some materials that you can find around the area. Here is how you can make one.

  1. Find a space suitable for lighting a fire like an area with dry dirt, sand or gravel surface and is slightly sheltered from the wind.
  2. Dig a shallow hole about six inches deep to hold your firewood and prevent the fire from spreading as nearby grass can dry out from the heat.
  3. Gather some large rocks of almost the same size, enough to form a circle around the hole that you dug. The rocks should be placed around the hole. If the rocks are uneven in shape and create gaps, fill the gaps with smaller rocks to insulate the fire pit.
  4. Look for dry leaves, sticks and dry grass that you can use as kindling and light the fire. Continue building up the fire with sticks and small branches until you can add pieces of firewood.
  5. Once you have a good fire going, place your grill grate over the flames and start roasting. A wire mesh is a suitable substitute for a grill grate.

For a temporary fire pit, you can build one using cinder blocks. You will need the following:

  • Cinder blocks – the amount is dependent on the size of your fire pit. Recommended height is two to three levels of cinder blocks.
  • If you are building you fire pit over a concrete surface, you will need a round piece of flame-retardant metal to place over the concrete to prevent black marks left on concrete. This is not needed if you are building your fire pit over gravel or dirt.
  • A mesh screen cover to prevent embers from flying about, a dome lid and a grill grate large enough to cover top of the fire pit

Here are the steps to take in making a temporary fire pit:

  1. Estimate the number of cinder blocks that you are going to buy based on the circumference of the fire pit you intend to build as well as the number of layers to achieve the correct height. Without mortar, you can build a small pit of about two to three feet in diameter. Draw your circle guide where you are going to place your pit.
  2. If you are going to use a flame-retardant metal, then this goes inside your pit first. Start laying the cinder blocks in a circular fashion around the pit, with one corner touching the other corner of the cinder blocks. Adjust the cinder blocks so that the corner of each block will be touching each other. You now have completed the first layer.
  3. Begin the second layer and the third. Check if the height is ideal for you or the one who will be using the fire pit the most.
  4. For added stability, you can add another layer outside of the first one. You have now completed your temporary and simple fire pit.

Observe safety measures especially when using fire. Douse the flames with water or throw dirt and sand over the flames to extinguish it. Make sure that there are no lingering embers and smoke left before you leave the area or your fire pit.


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