How To Make a Skate Park Out of Cardboard

Most commonly referred to as fingerboards, Tech Deck skateboards are a miniaturized version of the real skateboard where you use your fingers to simulate the various tricks and moves in the real skateboard world using small replica boards. Obviously, if you are in to skateboards, this might tickle your fancy especially on a rainy day. Now, since you will want to be replicating the tricks, you will definitely want a miniaturized skateboard park, complete with ramps and grinds, as well. Fortunately, this is easy as pie since all you will need is cardboard. Here are the steps to make your very own skateboard park using cardboard.


  • Make the cut. To start out, cut out 3 pieces from your cardboard. One should be rectangular while the other 2 being squares. The sizes of each square should be equal. Furthermore, they must be proportional in size to the rectangular board.
  • Assemble. Get 2 pieces of the square boards you cut out and place them together on one side. Secure the two pieces together with adhesive tape. Once that is done, take the rectangular piece and connect it to the opposite side of one square. Tape it up to secure. The other end of the rectangle should be connected to the other square at its opposite side. This will form a triangle of some kind. However, your next step will be to curve the rectangular piece in to form a curved ramp. Technically, you have already made one ramp. You can cut other pieces out to form the other sides of the ramp. All you need to do is to repeat the process. For your first ramp, make sure to clean it up by cutting out any excess pieces of cardboard still sticking out. Also, using masking tape is highly recommended.


  • Roll it. To make your grind rails, all you have to do is cut out a piece of cardboard about 8 inches in length. Once you achieve the desired length, carefully roll the sheet. As you complete the roll, fasten it by taping it up at the edge.
  • Roll again. Once the 8 inch piece has been rolled and secured, cut out another sheet about 1 inch in length. Cut out 2 pieces with this dimension. Roll each on up and secure similar to how you did it with the 8 inch roll.
  • Assemble. Now that you have all the pieces prepared, it is time to assemble it. Basically, you will be taping the small 1 inch rolls to each end of the of the 8 inch roll. This will form a rail. Once this has been assembled, the last step will require you to make the rail more stable. Cut out 2 pieces of 1 inch sheets and attach each piece to the lower end of the 1 inch rolls. This will give the rail more stability on a flat surface.

By following all of these steps, you now have a simple skate park for your fingerboards. Test it out and try out the many tricks you can do with only your fingers. Now, if these simple ramp and rails seem boring later on, you can always make the skate park much more exciting by adding more ramps with higher levels of difficulty.


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