How To Make Fishing Lures from Safety Pins

Fishing activities are fun to engage in. For family and friends who want to go fishing, it is a good form of bonding. But before you can actually catch a fish, you have to have complete fishing gear to do it. You need your fishing rod, your nets and your lures. There are several kinds of fishing lures, but safety pin lures are widely popular among fishing enthusiasts. It is called a safety pin lure because it is resembles your ordinary safety pin. It is preferred by most fishermen to catch fish like sunfish, bream and the trout. You can make your own safety pin lure right from your very own workshop. All you need are the following:

  • Pliers with cutter or long nose pliers that has cutters
  • Medium sized safety pin
  • Hook with a jig head
  • Colorado blade spinner
  • Barrel swivel with split rings on each ends

Now that you have completed your materials, carefully follow these steps:

  1. Carefully open a medium sized safety pin. Split it open to a 90-degree angle. Be careful not to cut yourself while opening the safety pin. Use your pliers to bend the sharp end of the pin and form it into a u-shape. Be sure the u-shape is big enough to slip another bended safety pin. But the additional safety pin should be connected to the first bended pin sideways.
  2. Prepare to attach a jog head to the bended safety pins. The jig head should have a hook attached to it in order for you to connect it to the safety pin lure. Make sure that the jig head is directly proportionate to your safety pin size.
  3. You will need the barrel swivel with split rings attached to the fastener end of the safety pin. In order to attach the barrel swivel, split open the rings wide enough to slip it into the hole of the bended safety pin.
  4. At the other split ring of the barrel swivel, attach a Colorado spinner blade. Always be aware of the proportions of the spinner and the swivel. The Colorado spinner should be of the same size to ensure the lure will work properly.
  5. Tie a fishing line through the hole that is located at the middle of the pin. You can attach a small rubber skirt to attract additional fish. Make sure the rubber skirt is securely fastened.

Besides being a fun family or friend bonding activity, fishing as a sport helps you build good concentration and patience. You just need to have the proper gear and fishing paraphernalia to engage in it. Now that you have an option to make your own safety pin lure, you can always enjoy fishing. Making a fishing lure out of a simple safety pin always comes in handy, now you need not rely on a hobbyist’s store or fishing supply stores.


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