How To Make Jogging Fun Again

Remember how you used to run as a child? Did it ever seem like work? No, but you did plenty of running, i.e., jogging, as a youngster. You can make jogging fun again as an adult. Ever notice how happy dogs look when they're running? You can be that happy, too, when jogging. Jogging doesn't have to be done for 30 minutes nonstop if that drains you.

Jogging can be fun when doing it under particular circumstances, whether you're a beginning jogger, or experienced runner. First make sure you have running shoes that fit very comfortably. Next, commit to jogging a few times a week so that you don't burn out or get tired of it. Decide under what circumstances you feel most comfortable jogging, such as cool early mornings; or mid-day heat; or at dusk when things are winding down; or even at night while the crickets are chirping.

Decide what surface you like best: concrete, gravel, grass, treadmill? Find out if jogging can be fun if you run with a partner or several people. Or maybe you can bring fun back to jogging by bringing your iPod with you. Jog different routes, such as scenic trails, parks, or maybe city streets are more fun for you to jog along.

Start out for just 10 minutes if you're a new jogger, or a burned-out jogger who's taken a leave of absence and wants to get back into it. If even 10 minutes of nonstop jogging seems too much to handle, that's fine, because you can jog in one-minute increments. Or, these very brief jogging segments can be measured by street blocks: Every other block, jog. Alternate with walking.

Another way to make jogging fun is to do different things during your jogging segments. For example, during one jogging segment, you might want to lift your knees extra high. For another segment, you might want to jog extra fast, or up a hill, or include some occasional leaping, like leaping over puddles if you're jogging after a rainfall.

You can make jogging fun by adding upper body exercises, like shadow boxing, or opening and closing your hands rapidly to build up grip strength.

For longer periods of jogging, make sure you have access to water, as a dehydration-cramp will take the fun out of jogging. Make sure your clothes are comfortable, and you're dressed for the weather and temperature. Another way to add some fun to running is timing yourself and monitoring your progress.



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