How To Make Knuckles Stronger

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Stronger knuckles will allow you to engage in a variety of martial arts as well as boxing. The knuckles are one of the first areas in the hand to become injured during fighting, which is why knuckle strengthening is one of the most important parts in martial arts training. Here are some techniques that you can use to create stronger knuckles.

Knuckle pushups. The usual pushup routine is excellent for overall body toning and for strengthening the arms and the upper body. One twist that can be done on pushups to make these even more effective for knuckle strengthening is to do the pushups with the fist clenched tightly and the knuckles used for support. The weight of the body will press down on the knuckles to increase the strength of the tendons over time. Keep in mind, however, that knuckle pushups can be very painful at first, but as the skin becomes thicker, the exercise will become more tolerable. You can alternate the days where you do knuckle pushups and where you perform regular pushups.

Surface training. Another way to increase your knuckle strength is to train it using hard surfaces. Boxers will regularly using harder than average punching bags, not only because of the added resistance which these punching bags have, but also because the surface will help to form calluses which are key to strengthening the surface of the knuckles. An easy way to do this is by using burlap sacks that you can tie over a punching bag. Once your fists and knuckles have become accustomed to the burlap sacks, the use another fiber which is tougher. While doing the knuckle pushups, you can also cover the floor with an abrasive surface to make your knuckles stronger.

Sand punching. You can also create alternative punching bags that will toughen up your knuckles, such as by using sand place in a large bowl or a small basin. Punch these repeatedly for a couple of minutes each day until the surface of the skin has gotten used to the abrasion provided by the tiny sand particles. Once the skin stops responding to the sand, you can change the fine sand for rougher and larger sand bits or small gravel pieces.

Hessian rope. Take a strong and durable board and wrap Hessian rope around the surface until you create a rope padded surface. The hessian rope is not only abrasive, but has groves between each strand of rope which are very effective in exercising your knuckles. If the rope board is too painful at first, you can add padding underneath the ropes to allow the board to absorb some of the force from your punches.

Games. Finally, you can engage in simple games that can strengthen you and your partner’s knuckles. For instance, you can try out the game of knuckles, where the winner gets to punch the loser’s knuckles. This will strengthen both of the player’s knuckles, while providing a couple of minutes of fun and play.

Whatever exercise you use to strengthen your knuckles, one of the most important reminders is that you should do the exercises regularly. Otherwise, the skin will return to its thin and normal size, and the tendons in the knuckles will grow soft.


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