How To Make Paintball Guns

Girl aiming target with paintball gun
Paintball is a fun and competitive sport that has gripped Americans, young and old. But the equipment required, such as guns, paintballs and other gear, can cost someone a small fortune. If you are looking for a less expensive way to enjoy the sport of paintballing, follow these instructions on how to make different types of paintball guns.

Step 1

Make a blowgun paintball gun. Paintball guns are relatively easy to make, especially this handmade blowgun paintball gun. To begin, find a small tube. It needs to be perfectly sized to fit a .68 caliber size paintball. There can't be any space around the paintball when it is inserted into the cavity of the tube or you won't get much propulsion on your paintball.  If you can find the right tube, it's all you'll need to make this simple, yet effective, paintball gun. Pop in a paintball, aim at your target and blow!

Step 2

Make an air paintball gun by hand. Another type of paintball gun that you can make is a homemade air paintball gun (also referred to as an air cannon). It's relatively easy to make as well. It consists of a hand pump that pressurizes a plastic bottle and a release valve that shoots the pressurized air into a tube that then projects a paintball.

To make this paintball gun, find a large 2 liter soda bottle, 4 feet of the right size of PVC pipe for your paintball (you need a perfect fit here), a saw or a knife, a hand pump, ½" PVC fittings (1 ball valve, 1 T-shaped fitting and 3 elbows) and a release valve. As well, find a glue gun and some PVC bonding glue if you have it.

Measure off and label each of the following PVC pipe lengths before you cut them: 5.5 cm, 4.5 cm, 65 cm, 6.5 cm, 10 cm, 4 cm and 4.5 cm. Number these pieces, in order, from 1 through 7, and then cut them using your saw. Then number the following PVC fittings:

  • 1a = t-shaped fitting
  • 2a = ball valve
  • 4a, 5a and 6a = elbow fitting

Once the pieces are cut, arrange them in the shape of a paintball gun. Picture three levels that make up the top, middle and bottom of your paintball gun. For the top, lay out from left to right, 3, 2a, 2, 1a, 1 and the plastic bottle. For the middle of your paintball gun, lay out your hand pump, followed by 7, 6a (with 6 attached below it), and 4. And for the bottom of your paintball gun, lay out 5a, 5 and 4a. If you need a visual, check out this picture: .

With the gun properly laid out, glue it together with your preferred type of glue. You should be able to glue your hand pump directly to your gun, although you will need to remove the end needle attachment. Some people choose not to glue all the pieces of their homemade paintball gun together so that replacement of parts is easier, but that is entirely up to you.  If you find any leaks on your paintball gun, a little duct tape should stop them. With the leaks sealed, your air paintball gun is ready to go. Pressurize it, aim and fire!

Step 3

Create a PVC paintball gun. When it comes to paintball guns, this is perhaps the most dangerous type that you can make. It has an incredibly high PSI, so it's not really recommended for fun combat. The high PSI is from an air compressor, which then used to fire a paintball. Think of all the power in a blast from an air compressor, then magnify it and add in a paintball. This kind of homemade paintball gun can be painful! So it is suggested that you find less-harmful paintball guns to make unless you want to risk seriously harming your buddies.


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