How To Make Saltwater Bait Tips for Jigs

Using the correct bait tips for your jigs is important in ensuring that you will have a catch. It involves using the type of fresh bait that your target species is feeding on, cutting it up into pieces, and hooking it to your jig. There are some things to consider like which type of bait tips you should use on your jigs. It will depend on the kind of saltwater fishing that you will be doing (reef fishing, deep jigging, shoreline fishing, etc.), the species that you are targeting, and the size of jig that you are using.

Generally, good tip baits for saltwater fishing are those preferred by the saltwater fishes (sea trout, sea bass, etc.) that you are after. Also make sure that the tip bait is fresh so that it is attractive to the fish. Make sure it is big enough to be noticed at sea by the fish but small enough so that it doesn't interfere with your jig

Different tip bait for different kinds of saltwater fishing:

  • Shrimp is a good choice for use as a bait tip. Freshly cut shrimp is recommended for redfish, sea bass, and other saltwater fishes. It is advised to use live shrimp as opposed to bait shrimp that you can cut small pieces measuring at a quarter inch. You can get several pieces of tip bait per shrimp. You should cut little by little, about a one to two shrimps at a time, to make sure that your tips are fresh. Avoid using a big piece that will interfere with your jig's movement. Make sure to thoroughly remove the shrimp's shell. Using this method is effective in beach fishing. Just go to the shore, taking a light spinning rod. Use small jigs then tip them with small pieces of fresh-cut shrimp. Begin to cast them as far as you can and the waves will provide plenty of movement for your jig, which will begin to attract whatever tye of saltwater fish you are looking for.
  • When reef fishing, you can use either squid or fish, freshly cut of course. It depends on your target species. For deep-jigging, use a strip of bonito belly attached to a big jig.
  • You can also use the little crustaceans usually found along beaches referred to as sand fleas or sand shrimps. They make good tips for pompano, whiting, and other saltwater species. You just need to find them along beaches and clean them. Cut clams and mussels also work in this manner.
  • You can also use marine worms. They make good tips when cut down to appropriate sizes similar to sizes of cut squid, shrimp and fish. In fact, what you could use as a live bait or cut bait logically would work as a good bait tip, as long as it is attractive to saltwater fishes.

A rule of thumb is to cut the bait tip into small pieces, but there are some exceptions. You can tip with long strips of bonito belly, and you could also tip with a live shrimp or small baitfish. Just find out what fresh bait works best for your target species, tip with that bait, and you should do fine. You can also add salt to make the bait tip more attractive to the fish.


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