How To Meet Baseball Players During Spring Training

Pre-season games in baseball have an opposite vibe compared to the regular season and the playoffs. Rules are relaxed and the whole feel of the games are looser so that players can warm up accordingly, which is good for the fans. There are plenty of opportunities to meet the players before, during, and after these warm-up games. If you want to meet a player during spring training, you need to plan some steps in order to score a picture or get an autograph from your favorite player.

Here are some ways on how you can meet baseball players during spring training:

  • Meet them while warming up before the game.  If you want to meet the players, there is no better way than to get to the arena as early as you can. Usually the parks open a couple of hours before the game and players can be found throughout the arena. While practicing, players will come over and sign autographs and various other memorabilia for fans who gather along the walls. You may not get a long conversation with them but you can have a simple chat and get an autograph or picture with them. Be sure to bring your sharpie and an item for them to sign, along with a camera to take pictures. In spring training the players are all laidback and don't have a problem with connecting with their fans. You can also visit other fields in the vicinity. Because training may take place in multiple fields in the area, players may take up batting practice in another field. This is another chance for fans to watch their batting practice and interact with the players if they are finished training and don't have much to do. 
  • Meet them while playing the game. It can be somewhat challenging for a fan to interact with players during a game. However, there are several players who will sign autographs while they are sitting on the bench having a rest from the game. Fans could call the player and throw a ball tohim, and if the player is willing, he will sign it and throw it back. Not all players do this though. You can also meet them when they are finished playing. When the game is being finished, the superstars of the team will be removed so that the manager can field prospects or rookies. When that happens, you can place yourself by the player exit so you can have a chance to interact with these stars.
  • Meet players in other areas. If you're a true diehard, then you could try areas outside the ballpark and practice facilities. You can try to wait for them in the hotels that they are staying in or at their favorite restaurants where they eat during off days. Visit their team website to find out if they have public appearances such as charity functions or autograph signings. You can also try calling up your favorite team and ask them about marketing promotions that they may have. For the real diehard, you can see if your favorite player has an account in a social networking website and try to interact first with him through the Internet.


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