How To Meet the Women of Wrestling

Wrestling is an interesting sports often associated with men. However, when women step inside the ring and begin their fighting moves, it gets more and more interesting. Indeed, the invasion of women into the wresting world can be a mark of women's comparable prowess.

Although there are some who contest women's appearances in the wrestling rings, a large number of people are waiting to see them fight. A lot of women wrestlers are coming in the picture. However, as always, some women will always stand out in the ring. And here are some of the most popular and strongest women wrestlers today:

  • Tracy Brooks. A native of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, Brooks currently holds two titles in wrestling competitions, the WXW Super 8 Champion and AWF Heavyweight Champion. She started her wrestling career in 2001.
  • Alexis Laree. From Richmond, Virginia in the U.S., this female wrestler started in wrestling in 1999. Her many titles include PWF Pro Wrestling Universal Women's Champion, Ultimate Championship Wrestling Women's Champion, SCW Diva Champion, and ICW Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • April Hunter. Hunter started her wrestling career in 1999 as well, and has impressed the crowd by how well she fights in every match. Hunter has already worked in a lot of U.S. wrestling promotions such as USA Pro, NWA TNA, WXW, Assault wrestling, and JCW. She is also competing in other countries like England and Japan. She is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Malia Hosaka. Hosaka from Tampa, Florida is a historic figure in terms of female wrestling. She started in the industry way back in 1987. She worked in a lot of promotions like WWE, WCW, and LPWA.
  • Little Jeanne. From New York City, Little Jean has been a popular name in female boxing since 1997. Sweet Destiny was her name in her fighting career in the WCW.
  • Sumie Sakai. She regularly wrestles in the ring of NECW. The titles she has earned since her debut in 1997 include AJW Tag Team Title, TWF Tag Team Title, AWF Title, and Queen of the Ring.
  • Ariel. A female wrestler from Boston, Massachusetts, she has worked for WXW, ROH, NECW, WWW, and a lot more. She holds the following titles: SCCW Women's Title, JWA Women's Title, and PCW Women's Title.
  • Erica Porter. Porter is one of the undefeated champions in the world famous W.O.W. When the show ended, she worked for UPW in California where she earned the UPW Ladies Title.
  • Alison Danger. She works for IWF, PWF, IWA, Yankee Pro Wrestling, and a lot more. She won the IWF Tag Team Championship with her partner Rapid Fire Maldanado.
  • Lexie Fyfe. Started the career in wrestling in 1995. Since then, she has worked for SGWA, FCW, NYWA, WCEW, KCW, and a lot more. She grabbed championships including The Western States Women's Belt, PGWA Women's Title, and the Ultimate Championship Women's Belt.

There are actually a lot more names yet to be mentioned in the world of female wrestlers. In fact, there are more than a hundred women wrestlers across the globe already. Most of their matches, especially great ones, invade the news nowadays. Indeed, women prove to be as great as men, even in a physically challenging sports like wrestling.


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