How To Take Perfect Drag Racing Videos and Pictures

Indulging in motor sports can be one of the most adventurous things you can do in life. You could go the conventional way and participate in the heart-pounding sport of drag racing; or if you are not a risk-taker, then you have a better choice—capture drag racing on videos and photos. But drag racing is a super fast world in which a single blink of your eyes matters. It is challenging to capture those important moments. Despite that very challenging fast-paced world, capturing any drag racing, such as Summit Racing demands perfection.

Here are some things you should do when taking videos or photos of a drag racing event:

  1. Learn about the sports area at least a day before the drag racing event. Doing this will help you identify the forbidden sections of the arena as well as the free access places for media people.
  2. Plan where you should be taking videos inside the car racing sports street. Find the place where you can take the best drag racing videos. You may consider getting closer shots of cars or motorcycles if you’re taking videos for the fans. But for reviewing purposes, then it is better to get high-angle videos.
  3. Prepare all the things you need to capture the perfect drag racing video. You don’t want your camera’s battery to be drained just at a crucial moment of the race, so prepare everything that you need the day before. Preparing two cameras is better. Have at least three fully charged batteries for each camera, charger, at least two storage devices, tripod, tripod plate, headphones, handheld mike, duct tape, extension cord, two big garbage bags, waterproof battery bag, flashlights and toolkit.
  4. Be in the place about one hour before the drag racing. This will give you enough time to plan your shots in case of a change in the schedule of activities.
  5. It’s important to cover the entire race and to get as much video as possible. You’ll edit the video to highlight the exciting parts, anyway.
  6. Take “break” videos like screaming fans, cheerleaders, signs, cute babies, coaches in action, the scoreboard, and the performing band. Move around too for some exciting happenings outside the arena.

These same steps also apply when you are taking pictures of cars or motorcycle in action, but there are some additional tips:

  1. Get the best SLR camera with special features in taking fast scenes. You don’t want to miss any exciting moments in the race so get the best camera that can take the best pictures.
  2. Get as close as you can to the field. This will allow you to take better car or motorcycle racing pictures.
  3. Take pictures and keep on taking pictures. This is the biggest secret in sports photography.
  4. Have as many back-up batteries and memories as you can. Bring an extra camera also just to be sure you can take shots even if your other camera gets broken.

Also, learn how perfect videos or pictures should look by studying historical photos and videos. Although old, these vintage photos and videos are perfect.

Any races like Summit Racing and NHRA Drag Racing will surely give you a challenge in capturing videos and photos. But your efforts will be rewarded when you see that you were able to take the perfect shots. 


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