How To Plan an Alaska Fishing Vacation

As you probably already know, Alaska is the haven of fishermen all over the world and is the ideal vacation place for any fishing enthusiast. Alaska features several types of fishing activities for you to try, like deep-sea fishing and sport fishing. The types of fish you would be able to catch are the dolly varden, king salmon, arctic grayling, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, rainbow trout, and coho salmon. Tempting catches, aren’t they? To be able to catch them you have to remember their seasons and some other factors.

  1. Lodging. You have to remember that if you want to stay there for a while, call the Alaska lodges for their prices and availability when you want to go fishing. Some lodges will even offer guides for your fishing trip. Ask what special offers they have for your type of fishing. On your first day, you could have a tour to see where you want to fish and hear what the guides have to say. Some lodges offer packing services if you want to send home some fish to your family or friends. Book well in advance because of Alaska's popularity.
  2. Research your guides. Even if you are an adept fisherman, know what to do and have researched the best fishing spots, a great guide will be able to help you haul in that big catch. Local guides know their area the best and know the fishing season and nooks like the back of their hand. If you look for a guide once you get to Alaska, make sure to have time to talk with your guide. You might end up not liking him and hating the whole trip that should otherwise be memorable.
  3. Research the fishing seasons. Given the many types of fish you can catch, take note of the seasons when you can hunt the largest catch. Majority of the salmon are in season during July and August, which is also the peak season of fishing enthusiasts. Knowing the seasons of the fish will enable you to know the right gear to bring. Make sure you also have spare gear. Even if they have fishing shops there, you know the gear you are familiar with will be the gear you work with best.
  4. Take pictures. As simple as this may sound, some people forget it. Having your picture taken with your prize is a pride on its own. Aside from proof that you were in Alaska and got that giant catch, it is a memory worth keeping that will make you want to fish more. It is a source of inspiration. If you are with your family or went fishing with your son, it can be a valuable memory for all of you.

There are more tips on how to plan a trip to Alaska, but it would be best to let you plan those. Every trip should be planned and personalized by the one who will experience it. This is nothing more but a simple guide. Good luck and happy fishing!


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