How To Play Bank Pool

Bank pool is commonly known as Pocket Billiards. The object of bank pool is to score the shots by calling the number and the pocket for each ball you hit. The sequence in which the ball numbers are called does not need to be in numerical order; you can begin your bank pool game with any number except the eight ball.

Bank pool can be played with two to five players. Two-player games can play with either a long rack or a short rack; games that are played with three to five players are best played in the long rack version.  With each rack, the apex ball or the highest numbered ball is placed at the foot of the short or long rack. Short rack bank pool is played by placing nine balls at the beginning of the game in a diamond shape; except for the highest numbered ball, the order of the balls doesn't matter. For long rack bank pool, place the balls numbered one through fifteen in a triangular shape - again, the order can be random.  The remainder of the rack is called the foot spot.

When breaking the long or short rack at least four balls must hit the cushions, if they do not this is called an illegal break and you will need to break again. Any balls that enter the pocket on the break shot do not count as part of your score, however you are able to continue your play until an illegal pocket or play is made.

A legal pocket during bank pool is made when the pocket is called prior to making your play. At the time of calling your bank pool shot, you can also call a cushion as part of the play; be very wary when doing this - if the ball you have called does not hit the cushion it is an illegal bank shot. A legal bank shot during bank pool also does not make contact with the cue ball more than once.

Players continue to play bank pool by calling bank shots and on occasion cushion shots until the player has legally pocketed eight balls for long rack players or pocketed five balls for short rack players. Providing the required numbers of balls are pocketed and no balls are owed, the player with the most pocketed balls wins.


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