How To Play College Basketball

College basketball coach with player
Playing college basketball is what many little boys and girls dream of. If you think you were born to run the length of a basketball court and shoot hoops in front of screaming college basketball fans, here's what you need to know to get onto a team and play college basketball.

Step 1

Talk to the coaches. If you really want to play college basketball, you need to be proactive. Don't wait for the recruiters or coaches to come to you - go to them! Talk to college basketball coaches and express your interest in playing for their college basketball team while you're still in high school. Invite recruiters and coaches to come out and watch you play, or send them a video of you during a high school basketball game. Let them know that you're motivated to make the team this year and that you look forward to being part of a winning college basketball team. It's up to you to make sure you get noticed by the right people when you're on the basketball court.

Step 2

Get your high school coach to put in a good word for you. If you have already approached college basketball coaches about your interest in playing college basketball, try to get your high school basketball coach to talk to them as well. Ask him to give you a glowing reference, citing how great of a player you are and how valuable you are to the basketball team. If you can, get more than one coach to do this for you. Ask them to send messages and reference letters to college basketball coaches as well as discuss your great skills in person. The more people you have pulling for you, the more you'll improve your chances of getting to play college basketball.

Step 3

Maintain your skill. As you await your invitation to try out for college basketball, make sure that you are continually working on your skills. Practice hard and practice often. Train every day, if you can. You want to show college basketball coaches that you are seriously devoted to the sport and that you're willing to put in the time to become the best basketball player that you can be. Your dedication to improving your game techniques will not go unnoticed by recruiters and coaches from the college teams.

Step 4

Attend tryouts. Hopefully, with a little luck and determination, you'll catch the eye of an interested college basketball coach. Now is your chance! Once you have been invited to try out for a college basketball team (or two), don't look back. Throw your entire mind, body and soul into showing your best skills and techniques on the college basketball court as you try out for the team. Competition will be fierce, so it's important that you never let your guard down. It's also important that you maintain a professional, likeable attitude while you're at the tryouts. Your coaches need to like you just as much as they like your basketball-playing abilities.

Step 5

Join the team. If you have what it takes, you'll be invited to join a college basketball team (maybe even on a scholarship). Congratulations! You have now fulfilled your dream of playing college basketball.


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