How To Remove a Twist from Your Fishing Line

It is generally not a good idea to pick at the tangles that result from line twisting. This is time-consuming and doesn't really take out the twist from your fishing line. So even if you do get one untangled, another one will just form and more time that should have been spent fishing is wasted. It's far more efficient to simply let the line untwist itself and there are several ways to make this happen either on the water or on land.

  1. Remove the terminal tackle.  The first thing you always need to do before you attempt to remove a twist on your fishing line is to remove the terminal tackle. Line twists happen on the main fishing line. Detaching the terminal tackle will make the task of removing the twist easier and prevent further complications such as your hook or lure snagging or entangling on some debris as you're letting out the main line.
  2. Allow the water to drag the fishing line.  You can use the river or stream current to pull the line off your reel. Let out enough line to get the twisted part in the water then leave it in the current for a couple of minutes. This will allow the line to untwist itself. Afterwards you can reel the line in slowly but you have to make sure it winds tightly on the spool. You can do this by pinching the line between your thumb and forefinger which will keep the line taut as your reel it in. The same procedure can be done if you are on a boat. Run the boat at a slow speed and let the boat's movement and the water current drag the main line.
  3. Stretch the fishing line out on flat ground.  You can remove a twist on your fishing line on land but you have to make sure the ground is fairly even and clear of anything that could tangle up your main line. Place your rod in an upright position and stretch the main fishing line out as far as it can go making sure all the twisted parts are out of the spool. Walk back to your rod and slowly reel the line back in, once again keeping the line taut by pinching it between your thumb and forefinger. This will help untwist the line and tightly spooled on the reel.
  4. Secure the fishing swivel to a tree branch.  If you use a fishing swivel, you can use this to untwist your main line. Simply attach it securely to a tree branch making sure the swivel can turn freely then walk away with your rod letting the line out. When the whole line is out of the spool, pull it to keep it taut. The swivel will turn and untwist the line. Slowly walk back to the swivel while simultaneously reeling the line back in. Remember to keep the line tight throughout this procedure.

You can ask any angler about line twists and you'll probably get a tragic story of how such a problem ruined what could have been a wonderful fishing trip. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing the fish jumping out of the water but you can't do anything about it because you're too busy untangling a twisted line.


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