How To Remove Twists from Fishing Line

While fishing, fishermen are exposed to a lot of problems. One of those problems is when their fishing line gets caught in something and eventually become twisted. Twisted fishing lines are caused when fishes fight back too much or if a lot of fishes move around the line. Catching fish becomes a difficult task when one gets stuck in situations such as these.

Now, fishermen have nothing to worry about in removing twists in their fishing line because of these simple steps:

  1. To remove twists from your fishing line while you are in a boat, allow the line to settle behind your boat.
  2. Slowly reel the line in order to tightly spool on your reel. Make sure that twists are no longer in the line before you start reeling it.
  3. If you are on dry land and your fishing line gets twisted, you need to look for an open space where you will be able to lay the entire fishing line.
  4. Look for the end of the fishing line.
  5. After locating it, start reeling the line towards the rod. Do it in a slow manner to ensure that the line will not get twisted again. Use your thumb and forefinger to tightly grasp the line while you reel it. If your fishing line is really twisted, you will need to use a ball bearing swivel to help remove the twists.
  6. Attach the ball swivel to the twisted fishing line.
  7. Tie the ball swivel to a concrete pole or a strong tree near the area. 
  8. Start walking away from the area where you attached the ball swivel in order for the line to freely lay on the ground.
  9. When it is all settled, start pulling the line away from the tree or pole to remove the twists of the line.
  10. After you have removed the twists, start reeling the line towards the ball swivel. Make sure it is tightly reeled.

With these easy steps, fishermen will now easily remove the twists of their fishing lines in any given situation. They will now have an easy time catching fish because of the good performance of their fishing lines. A lot of fish will then be caught resulting to a lot of profit.


  • Watch for boats crossing your way. If you have several hundred yards of line out, more than likely, it will get cut.
  • Take time to reel your line in. Hastening will just result to lines getting cut hence more work for the fishing enthusiast.
  • Use the proper bait for your intended catch. There are many different lures to use depending on the fish you are going to catch.
  • Using some techniques on your rod will benefit more on your catching skills. You can yank your rod so that the bait will move like you’re luring the fish to bite it
  • Casting is very important too. You can practice casting in your backyard. Casting depends on your wrist not on your hand movement.  There are many types of casting – these are underhand, overhand and the sidearm.


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