How To Repair a Table Tennis Paddle

Table tennis or "ping pong" is a fairly simple game because it requires very little equipment. Among these, the paddle is the most important to the players of the game. Players get to hit a small ball that bounces once from the table to the waiting racket – which is also known as the paddle (USA) or bat (UK).
The problem arises when the table tennis paddle gets broken. The exorbitant price of repairing a broken paddle makes many players want to know how to repair a table tennis paddle on their own.

  1. Remove the rubber from the blade. The rubber coating of the blade is the most expensive part so it's best to remove them carefully as a whole. Use a sharp cutter to remove it. You should be able to see the wooden base of the paddle blade.
  2. Scrape off the fancy handle from the main handle. Position the cutter and hammer away, removing the fancy handle from both sides. This is usually where the brand of the paddle is imprinted. Keep them until they are needed for assembly. Make sure you match the broken wood grain.
  3. Trim the wooden handle to fit the blade ends. Carefully trim the broken edge of the handle to fit the broken end of the blade. Remove all splinters from sticking out of the blade with the cutter.
  4. Glue the handle to the blade. Pour wood glue generously on the crack between the handle and the blade. It should soak the ends fully. Secure with masking tape and put some heavy weight on it. Leave to dry for an hour or two. Afterwards, remove the masking tape carefully.
  5. Measure the length from the end of the handle to the area where the rubber is supposed to begin. Tick with a pencil. From there, line the ends of the blade of the rubber margin with the pencil. Cut the superficial wood layer with a sharp cutter and hammer. It should yield a layer similar to the handle.
  6. Trace the outline of the handle up to the trimmed part with construction wood adhesive sticker. Cut but leave some space from the edges and set aside. Pour wood glue generously on the area to be pasted on, using a small brush to distribute the glue uniformly.
  7. Put the wood adhesive sticker on the area. Make sure to put in weights and leave it for an hour and a half. Using a sharp cutter, trim off the sticker. The blade and handle are now securely bonded. The fancy handle is attached and then the rubber restored in place.

Table tennis paddles can make or break a player's performance in a match. A well-repaired racket can bring back the luster of the old paddle's accomplishments. Although a broken racket can be replaced during the game, many players prefer their old reliable paddles rather than buying a new one. The knowledge of resurrecting an old paddle will prove helpful to table tennis enthusiasts.


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