How To Restore a Vintage Bicycle

Restoring a vintage bike has been the craze for most bicyclers. The satisfaction you can get from it is irreplaceable. Restoring a vintage bicycle is actually not that difficult. All you need is an old bike and the determination to restore it to its original condition.

If you happen to have an old bike parked somewhere in your garage, you might want to consider restoring it. Aside from saving money from buying a new bike, you can also get the satisfaction of reliving the joy of riding a bike to your own effort. The following are some simple steps that can help you restore a vintage bicycle.

  1. Take apart the parts and study the specs of the vintage bike. The first thing you need to in order to restore a vintage bike is to take apart the parts of your bike. Study the specs of the bike. This will help you determine the parts that need to be replaced later on.
  2. Clean its parts and try to remove the rust. After disassembling the parts of the bike, clean all parts and try to remove the rust developed through the years. You can easily do this by soaking the parts in gasoline while scrubbing it with a steal brush. Let the parts dry and reassemble it. Afterwards, add new grease to the parts. While doing this step, make sure that every bearing is there. If you need to replace bearings, do so. You can find the bearings of a bike in its front fork, the hubs of its wheels, in the pedal sprocket and in every pedal.
  3. Check the chain of the bike. The next step to restore the bike is to check the functionality of its chain. Determine if the chain is of the right length. You should also lubricate it again, if necessary. Use a motor oil to remove the rust and stiffness of the chain.
  4. Repaint the frame of the bike. To restyle your old bike, you can repaint its frame. You may opt to take it to an auto shop and have it repainted there. It would be better to do this to ensure a really nice finish for the frame.
  5. Clean the rims of the wheels and replace parts it if necessary. The next things you must check are the rims of the wheels. They are actually easier to clean but you have to disassemble and reassemble the wheel, which can be complicated. If necessary, replace the spokes of the rims. You can buy this from bike shops.
  6. Buy “NOS” parts. Lastly, if you want to keep the originality of your vintage bike, you can buy parts that are NOS. NOS means “new original stocks”. The NOS parts are actually the available parts of the bicycle from its marketing date that were never used or bought.

These are the ways on how you can restore a vintage bike. Restoring a vintage bike doesn’t only give you personal benefits. The environment can also benefit from this since you are recycling. Aside from this, you are also saving a lot of fuel when riding a bike.


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