How To Run Faster


If you are an avid runner, you probably wonder if you can improve your speed.  There are many techniques and pieces of advice on how to run faster.  Using the many techniques that are taught by professionals and other runners, you should be able to improve your distance time.  Running faster requires the ability to integrate many different activities into your routine.

  • Many runners do not stretch.  One of the most important factors in running faster is to stretch thoroughly.  Not only does this prepare your body for movement, it increases your flexibility.  The more flexible and warmed up you are, the more prepared your body is for speed.
  • One important aspect of increasing speed is to make sure you vary your running patterns.  Try alternating between distance running and speed running within one session, or on different days.  Train yourself to run on various surfaces such as sand, grass, pavement, gravel and hills.  The difficulty of running in sand and on gravel will make it easier to run faster on pavement. Running uphill will increase your body's endurance, allowing you to run faster on even ground.
  • Focus on your turnover time, which is the amount of times that your feet strike the ground in one minute.  In order to figure out your turnover time, use a stopwatch.  Try to improve this by 5 steps until you are up to a turnover rate of about 80.
  • Many coaches suggest focusing on pushing off with the big toe.  This pushes you further forward, cutting down on the impact of your heels hitting the ground.  Many people put too much energy into their heels, which slows them down when trying to pick up speed.
  • If you watch, professional runners will run with their arms going straight in front of them and palms open. This points them where their body is going.  If you run swinging your arms in front of you, your body is going to want to pull side to side.  Having your hands closed can cut down on your ability to cut through the air at a more efficient pace.
  • Keep your chin tucked forward.  This will help you run faster by bringing your body forward.  If your head is up, it will pull your body back, causing more push off through the heel area. 

There are many techniques to help you run faster.  Follow these techniques to speed success!


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